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Property Solicitors in London

Property Solicitors in London

Our property solicitors in London have years’ worth of experience in all property-related matters, from buying or selling commercial and residential property to leasing, drawing up shared ownership schemes or entering into complex residential development projects. We work well with both local and foreign property owners and are able to provide guidance for the latter should they be interested in making property investments in London or the UK.

Read below to find out more about our services and how our team works. If you have additional questions or wish to schedule the first appointment with one of our property solicitors in London, please do not hesitate to reach out.

What are the main services offered by our team?

We are a team of property and landlord solicitors in London who have extensive experience in English property law and conveyancing.

We list some of our main services below:

  • Residential: assistance for individuals who are looking to buy or sell a property; we are keen on working with first-time buyers and are able to guide them throughout the entire process;
  • Commercial: complete legal assistance for local and foreign investors involved in real estate projects, office buildings leasing or acquisitions, investments in restaurants and other types of properties;
  • Lease extension: assistance for clients who are interested in extending their lease, who need a new lease or those who are interested in the right to manage issues;
  • Others: we also advise clients on shared ownership schemes or tenancy in common.

You can always reach out for complete information about our services. We can also assist clients who are interested in legal solutions for property-related disputes, such as those between the landlord and tenant, land or real property disputes, co-ownership family disputes, residential leases and tenancies issues.

Our landlord solicitors in London focus on the issues that are particularly encountered by business owners who have chosen to let their property/properties. We speak both for those who are letting their property for the first time and need guidance as well as for experienced property investors who buy to let and are in need of specialty legal advice for particular matters.

Why work with our property solicitors in London?

Our solicitors have a thorough understanding of the UK property law and are able to assist individuals and businesses whenever interested in entering into property transactions. Our team contains experienced conveyancing solicitors as well as landlord solicitors in London who focus on assisting the property owner.

We help clients negotiate the property transaction, perform a sound property verification to ensure that all the documents are in order and can help those interested make detailed enquiries in the Land Registry. We also provide legal consultation on all laws and regulations that are currently in place in the United Kingdom.

When should you contact us?

You can reach out as soon as you need representation and advice on all matters related to property, even if it is only related to consulting in certain matters.

You can speak to one of our landlord solicitors in London if you are a property owner looking for direct solutions in your capacity as landlord or you can reach out if you are simply interested in verifying the right to buy, if you are a first-time buyer or if you are interested in knowing more about property letting and other issues.

Our team will recommend the most suitable solutions in your case. Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients and we strive to solve all inquiries in an efficient manner.

The property market moved at a slower pace in 2020 and a temporary stamp duty holiday was put in place until the end of March 2021. The Help to Buy scheme was created by the Government to encourage first-time buyers and also provide other benefits:

  • First-time buyers can borrow at least 5% and maximum 40% in London (20% in the rest of the country) of the full purchase price of a newly-built home;
  • The maximum property price according to region is 600,000£ in London and lower for other areas, for example 186,100£ in the North East and 437,600£ in the South East;
  • There is no interest on the equity loan for the first 5 years;
  • All or part of the equity loan can be repaid at any time;
  • For a new home of 200,000£ the homebuyer s deposit would be 5% or 10,000£, the 20% equity loan would be 40,000£ and the mortgage from repayment 75% or 150,000£.

Our team can provide you more details if you are a first-time buyer in the UK.

Contact our property solicitors in London for more information about our services.