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Fraud Solicitors in London

Fraud Solicitors in London

Our fraud solicitors in London represent clients who have been the victim of criminal fraud. We offer legal guidance and representation in many different areas that include but are not limited to complex fraud, tax and fee fraud and many more. The Fraud Act 2006 offers a statutory definition for this criminal offence.

In broad terms, fraud is the act of obtaining services through dishonest practices. The wide range of possibilities is what makes the spectrum of criminal offences involving fraud a large one. This is particularly why it is highly advisable to work with a team of solicitors who specialise in different areas, in order to receive proper legal guidance in your case.

A separate division of our team includes a number of benefit fraud solicitors in London who have been the victim of this type of fraud or those who have been accused of this serious allegation.

Fraud law in the UK

 The Fraud Act applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland stipulates that there are three types of fraud:

  1. by false representation: when an individual makes any representation, expressed or implied, of which they know to be misleading;
  2. by failing to disclose information: when a person fails to present any information to a third party when they are under a legal obligation to make such a disclosure;
  3. by abuse of position: when a person who has a position from which he should safeguard the financial interests of another person abuses that position; this also includes abuse consisting of an omission rather than overt acts.

Our fraud lawyers in London can give you more details about how these three acts are defined.

In each of the three cases, the law stipulates that the following are to occur:

  • the conduct of the defendant needs to be a dishonest one;
  • the intention of the act must be to have a personal gain or cause a loss or risk to another party;
  • there is no specific requirement for a gain or loss actually to have been made;
  • a maximum 10 years imprisonment sentence can apply.

There are also fraud cases in which the loss can be to a third party. This usually occurs in domestic relationships between the victim and the offender. Our fraud solicitors in London can give you more details as well as provide assistance when such a relationship between the victim and the offender is in place (for example, when a child steals his parent’s credit card).

Services offered by our fraud lawyers in London

Our dedicated team is able to assist those who have been the victim of fraud on various levels. We offer expert-level assistance to companies and individuals alike. Some of our services include the following:

  • Contracts fraud: for example, in joint-venture agreements in commercial contracts concluded with banks or financial institutions;
  • Corporate abuse of power: legal assistance from our fraud solicitors in London in all cases involving dishonesty, money laundering or other dishonest acts undertaken by professionals who abused their position;
  • Corporate misinterpretations: these can include any types of misinterpretations that took place regarding a business or in a financial context, that later lead to a loss to the company or an individual;
  • Data theft: our fraud lawyers in London can help those companies or individuals who have been the victim of data theft or identity theft;
  • Loan and insurance fraud: we help those who have been the victim of insurance fraud, either on the part of the seller (they purchased inexistent premiums) or the buyer (who has falsified medical records or exaggerated claims).

You can reach out if you have questions about any of these types of fraud or if you believe that you have been the victim of dishonesty and wish to know what legal options are at your disposal.

Benefit fraud solicitors in London

 According to the UK Government, benefit fraud is the act of claiming benefits that are not entitled to the one making the claim. For example, not reporting a change in one’s circumstances, that could stop them from receiving the benefits or providing false information from the very beginning. Benefit fraud accusations are serious ones and if you have been charged with these, you can be asked to attend an interview as part of an ongoing investigation. In this case, working with our benefit fraud solicitors in London is helpful.

The following statistics on fraud were made available by the National Office for Statistics on their Crime report for the year ending in June 2020:

  • there were an estimated 4.3 million fraud offences, as reported by the Crime Survey for England and Wales (a telephone-operated survey);
  • the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau reported a 4% increase in the total number of fraud offences that have been referred to it, compared to the previous year (733,967 vs. 703,097);
  • UK Finance also reported a 4% increase in fraud in the year ending in June 2020 (a total of 107,327 offences).

If you have been the victim of fraud, getting legal aid is essential. Contact our fraud solicitors in London to find out how we can help you.