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Human rights law firm in London

Human rights law firm in London

Human rights are the fundamental rights of any and all individuals, on account of their humanity. These apply irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, or location, and they are also known as universal rights. In the UK, human rights are protected through the Human Rights Act 1998. Individuals who have issues concerning one or more of these given rights can work with one of the human rights law firms in London, such as our law office.

What is the human rights law in the UK?

The Human Rights Act 1998 complies with the European Convention on Human Rights of 1950 and even after Brexit, the United Kingdom will continue to respect the framework of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Decisions issued by a UK court can be appealed by being taken to the ECHR, a process that can be explained in more detail by the experts at one of the human rights law firms in London, such as our own specialists.

Our team highlights eight of the human rights, as they appear in the Act:

  1. Right to life: no individual may be deprived of his life intentionally, except for a conviction that includes this type of penalty; deprivation of life is not a contravention when resulting from the use of force when absolutely necessary, as defined in the respective article;
  2. Prohibition of torture and the prohibition of slavery and forced labour: individuals may not be subject to torture or degrading treatment, nor slavery or servitude;
  3. Right to liberty and security: no person may be deprived of his liberty save for special circumstances such as lawful arrest or detention;
  4. Right to a fair trial: any individual who has had a criminal charge placed against him is presumed innocent until proven guilty and has minimum rights, defined by law;
  5. Right to respect for private and family life: authorities cannot interfere with an individual’s right to respect for his private and family life, his home and correspondence, save for the situation in which special rights are exercised in accordance to law; we are one of the human rights law firms in London that can assist those who have been subject to a violation of this right;
  6. Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion: all individuals are granted these rights and they may choose to change their religion and to manifest their respective religion (subject to limitations only as they may be prescribed by law, for example, for the protection of public safety and order);
  7. Freedom of expression: individuals have the right to hold opinions, to receive and impart information without the interference of public authorities;
  8. Right to education: no person can be denied his right to education and the State respects the right of the parents to ensure the education of their child.

The other rights are the following: no punishment without law, freedom of assembly and association, the right to marry, the prohibition of discrimination, the prohibition of abuse of rights, the protection of property, and the right to free elections.

When working with one of the human rights law firms in London, you can find out more about each article that treats a fundamental human right. You can reach out to our law firm that includes human rights specialists to find out more about a right or an article of interest.

Our team of lawyers can help you if your basic rights, such as that for a fair trial, the right to liberty and security, or the right to freedom of thought or religion were violated. We can also assist those who are subject to a violation of the Article concerning the protection of property which stipulates that all natural and legal persons are entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of their possessions and that they cannot be deprived of these except in public interest.

What are some human rights statistics in the UK?

According to the European Court of Human Rights, the following statistical data applied for the United Kingdom in 2020:

  • there were 4 total judgments;
  • 2 of these found at least one violation; the mentioned violation for both of these was of the right to respect for private and family life;
  • 1 judgment found no violation;
  • 1 judgment had either a friendly settlement or was struck-out;
  • 280 applications were declared inadmissible or stuck out;
  • 301 applications were allocated to a judicial formation; and
  • 20 applications were communicated to the Government.

If you or a family member were subject to a violation of fundamental human rights, you can reach out to one of the human rights law firms in London for complete assistance. We are one of the firms that include specialists in human rights and can help analyze your case and bring it to court.

Contact us for more information about our legal services and how our team can help ensure that your basic rights are protected and observed in the UK.