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Solicitors in Camden

Solicitors in Camden

The London Borough of Camden is located in Inner London and it also includes parts of West End. It is a lively area with numerous cultural institutions and theatres. The administrative centre of the Borough is Camden Town, an area known as a scene for alternative culture, music venues and street markets. If you live in this area, or plan to start a business here, our solicitors in Camden are able to offer a full range of solutions, tailored to both individuals and corporations.

Our team has extensive experience in Company Law and we specialize across multiple industries. Our solicitors can help entrepreneurs and business owners as well as employees (both local and foreign ones).

Some of the legal services provided by our solicitors in Camden include the following:

  1. Personal injury: our team can assist those who have been injured by the negligence of another; we provide legal dis for those involved in car or bicycle accidents, medical negligence and many more;
  2. Commercial: opening a business, as well as buying or selling one is a process during which you may require legal ais; our solicitors in Camden can provide full service company formation in London and other corporate services, as needed;
  3. Real estate: acquiring commercial or residential property in Camden is facilitated when working with our dedicated team; we carry out conveyancing transactions;
  4. Employment: preparing employment agreements, revising existing contracts and solving disputes between employers and employees in Camden.

Our team works well across all business sectors and we also have experience in dealing with international business clients. You can reach out to us if you wish to invest in an existing business in Camden, if you plan to open a new firm here or if you need advice for purchasing a property.

Family law solicitors in Camden

The 2011 Census revealed that the average household included at least 2 individuals and there were 97,534 households with residents in Camden.

If you live in this London borough, our solicitors in Camden can help you with various family services that include but are not limited to divorce or family law.

The most suitable time to reach out to our solicitors would be when you are thinking of filing for divorce or if you have already followed through with this step but are unable to reach an agreement for the division of property or child maintenance with your former spouse

  • Living together: prenuptial agreements drawn up with the help of our solicitors and knowledgeable advice about cohabitation in England;
  • Divorce: dealing with the needed steps can be disconcerting; we are here to help you decide between separation and divorce (the only situation in which you are then free to remarry);
  • Child maintenance: a separation or a divorce has a tremendous impact on the children; our solicitors in Camden understand this and are here to help you negotiate both child maintenance and the arrangements that are in the best interest of the children;
  • Wills and probate: assistance for probate (the process if proving the will) as well as for drawing up this document; our team also offers needed legal counsel for estate planning.

Please note that these are part of the services offered by our team specializing in Family Law. If you would like to find out more about our services and our team, we invite you to reach out to us.

Living in Camden

Camden is a vibrant borough, one of diversity and contrasts, that reunites both residential and business centres. Some of the data available on this borough is presented below by our solicitors in Camden:

  • Camden has an approximate size of almost 22 square kilometres in the heart of London;
  • 40 Conservation Areas have been established by the Camden Council;
  • more than 5,600 buildings and structures are of architectural or historic interest;
  • in 2019 it was estimated that the borough’s population was 270,000; the demographic profile includes a large percentage of students and young adults, fewer children and elderly individuals compared to the national average;
  • 102,703 household spaces were recorded during the 2011 Census; housing costs are high compared to other areas in the country – the average house price in March 2020 was around 881,096£, or 1.8 times the average price for London.

The data was provided by Open Data Camden, where data about the borough is shared and open to the public.

If you live in Camden and need specialist legal services, contact our solicitors in Camden for complete information on how we can assist you in personal or business matters.