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Solicitors in Holborn

Solicitors in Holborn

We are one of the law firms in Holborn that serves both private clients and companies, including international corporations or entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in Central London. The district’s central location offers a unique advantage for companies of all sizes, and the area is historically known to be a location where many legal services providers are based.

If you live in Holborn or Camden we can offer you complete legal services.

How can we help you if you live in Holborn?

Among the law firms in Holborn, we have specialists who are able to cover all aspects related to Family Law. We are available for simple legal advice as well as court representation in more complex matters in which the case is taken to court.

You can read below a brief list of our services for individuals:

  1. Divorce: divorce or separation issues, as well as child custody and maintenance, are issues that can be challenging for the person; we fully understand this and offer complete support for a quick resolve;
  2. Estate planning: our lawyers in Holborn can help you plan how you wish to manage your assets upon your death; it can include but is not limited to drafting and preparing wills;
  3. Employment: we assist employees in Holborn with any issues they may be facing, whether unfair dismissal, maternity leave questions, harassment or discrimination or improper wages;
  4. Property purchase: our conveyancing experts help clients prepare the documents required in a property sale or purchase transaction; we also offer full legal assistance in other issues related to real estate matters, such as tenant or landlord disputes.

The list above includes only part of our services to individuals. We can help you with any legal matters as we cover all personal issues. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our lawyers if you have questions about a particular matter.

Do you have a company in Holborn?

Business owners in Holborn can rely on our help whenever they face legal issues. We offer in and out-of-court legal assistance as well as attempt to offer alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration or mediation, whenever possible.

We assist small and medium-sized companies as well as international investors who are dealing with issues regarding their company in Holborn. We also offer complete services to local and foreign investors who wish to start a company in this district. We can guide investors when choosing a business form, indicate the steps needed to register their business as well as assist those who need to apply for special permits and licenses.

Working with one of the law firms in Holborn, such as our own, is a sound business decision as many companies find that they will need a legal partner during the course of their activities in London.

We help our corporate clients deal with issues concerning employment, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, taxation issues, trademark protection as well as many other legal matters. We work with companies from various business sectors and are also able to assist with legal matters concerning corporate mergers or acquisitions.

What are the reasons to reach out to the law firms in Holborn?

We are a dedicated team with extensive experience in Family Law as well as Business Law. Our lawyers and legal experts have helped many companies and individuals solve their legal issues. We strive to achieve the highest standards of client care, we manage our clients’ affairs with diligence and consideration and we understand that many personal legal matters, most notably divorce, can carry a heavy burden for the individual.

We always communicate clearly with our clients and help them understand their legal situation, whether it is business-related or a personal matter. For those interested, we can also offer information and support in applying for legal aid offered by the Government.

Holborn statistics

Holborn is a district that is part of the Borough of Camden. Historically, it was the law district, and the Royal Courts of Justice can be found here. According to data from the Camden Council, at the end of 2015 the population in Holborn was 3,289 – a small population compared to other boroughs of London. Other data show the following:

  • out of the total number of people, 1,605 lived in households;
  • in 2015 there were 63.5 residents per hectare, compared to 105.4 in Camden overall;
  • a population increase of 16.6% was predicted for 2028.

If you live or work in this district, working with one of the law firms in Holborn such as our legal experts can help you sort any legal issue, be it professional or business-related. Contact us today if you have questions about our services and schedule an initial assessment for your case.