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Legal Aid Solicitors in London

Legal Aid Solicitors in London

Individuals who cannot afford to pay the expenses associated with having to go to court can, in some cases, benefit from legal aid. Although not all situations qualify, cases like family or housing problems can be eligible. To benefit one has to show that he does not have sufficient income, benefits savings, or property (on his own or in conjunction with his partner, whenever applicable)

Our legal aid solicitors in London can give you information about legal aid qualification criteria and how you can apply.

The current legal aid eligibility rules need to be understood before one can apply and our team can help you in this respect. Below we answer a few questions commonly asked about this topic. For more information please reach out to our legal aid solicitors in London.

Civil or non-criminal cases are eligible for legal aid in the UK. Divorce cases, family law cases and housing or debt problems can qualify.

Criminal legal aid it is also available under several forms, such as advice and assistance for those in custody, advice and assistance for criminal proceedings and representation for criminal proceedings.

The Criminal Legal Aid Financial Resources Regulations 2013 set out the principles for financial eligibility for all types of criminal legal aid those who are in need of specialized assistance for criminal cases can reach out for advice from our legal aid solicitors in London.

Individuals in the UK are eligible for legal aid if their gross annual income does not exceed £12,475 or when their gross annual income is greater than £12,475 and disposable annual income is less than £37,500.

When an individual’s annual disposable income is£3,398 or less he is not required to pay contributions from income. When the income exceeds this amount the individual is required to make 6 monthly payments under an income contribution order. Our legal aid solicitors in London can provide more information about these contributions and the means test set forth by the Crown Court.

The list presented below by our legal aid solicitors in London is useful in figuring out the eligibility criteria for legal aid in civil and criminal cases:

  • Less than £3,000: non-contributory legal aid for legal representation as well as for legal help and mediation; under this capital amount there is no means test for public family law cases;
  • Between £3,000 and £8,000: contributory legal aid for legal representation; non-contributory legal help and mediation and no means test in public family law cases;
  • More than £3,000: no legal aid (for representation or mediation); no means test for public family law cases;
  • Disposable income <£3,398 annually: non-contributory legal aid for cases heard in the Magistrates’ Court; no legal aid awarded for an annual disposable income above this amount.

Our legal aid solicitors in London can give you information on how aid is awarded for criminal or civil cases as well as the differences that may appear when a criminal case is heard in the Magistrates’ Court as opposed to the Crown Court.

In some serious cases, such as certain proceedings for domestic violence or forced marriage the limits may be reconsidered (dis-applied) if it is decided that this is equitable. Therefore, individuals who are subject to serious cases may still be able to receive legal aid even when their income or capital is above the limits highlighted above.

Checking if you can get legal aid is an important step and it will allow you to determine if you can apply. Speaking to a professional can also be helpful for making a final decision and for determining if you may need to pay part of the costs upfront or if you may need to pay back some of the amount in case you receive important sums or property from your case.

Legal aid for legal representation in court is automatic for those under 16 years of age (or under 18 when in full-time education). Young persons who are on certain benefits can also be subject to this automatic legal aid.

If you cannot get legal aid, free legal advice may also be possible in the UK and it is provided by volunteers in charities.

If you need to commence legal proceedings for civil or criminal cases and are unsure of the costs of working with a solicitor, our team can provide an estimate for your case. We work on a no win no fee basis, meaning that we will not ask for payment until you have received your rightful compensation. Contact our legal aid solicitors in London for more information on the determination of income for obtaining legal aid, and a case evaluation.