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Solicitors in Wanstead

Solicitors in Wanstead

We are a team of solicitors in Wanstead who work with clients from all business fields and from all walks of life.

Driven and focused, we have a personalized approach to each case and we know that there are some situations, such as divorce or complex child abuse cases, in which a human approach is essential.

Over the years, our solicitors in Wanstead have worked with business owners and individual clients to help them sort all types of matters, from business or commercial disputes to estate matters and the division of property.

We are able to give you the legal advice you are looking for as well as offer complete representation in court.

Solutions for our clients in Wanstead

If you live in the town of Wanstead in London, our team is in the vicinity and is able to help answer your questions. If you have just moved here, or plan on buying a property, our conveyancing experts can help you conclude any real estate matters, just as we can help you sell a property located in this area.

We provide a wide array of services to our clients, with a focus on Family Law and other areas of law. If you need legal assistance, our solicitors in Wanstead can help you with the following:

  1. Divorce: assistance during all of the divorce phases as well as legal counsel in case of international divorce; we also provide assistance for legal separation and for same-sex couples in the UK;
  2. Child matters: child arrangement orders, child maintenance, adoption and surrogacy matters;
  3. Employment: our solicitors in Wanstead can help review an employment agreement and will give you complete details about your rights; we also offer legal counsel to expats who are looking for a job in the UK;
  4. Conveyancing: we help our clients who wish to buy, sell or lease property located in Wanstead; we also assist with lease extension, remortgage and other matters;
  5. Others: we can help you if you have been the victim of medical negligence, or if you need assistance with legal assistance for financial planning.

A separate division of our team specializes in wills and estate disputes. We can help you if you wish to draw up a will or if you have reasons to believe that a will was improperly drawn up and wish to contest it. In matters relating inheritance disputes, our team of solicitors can help you make a claim.

Our team is able to assist in many types of personal injury claims, not only medical negligence claims. We can also help those who were charged with drink driving or another type of driving offence in the UK.

You can reach out to our team if you need more details about any of the services listed above.

Handle business matters with the help of our solicitors in Wanstead

If you have a business or plan to open a business in Wanstead, we can help you sort any legal matters that may arise.

Our team is able to provide assistance with the following:

  1. Commercial litigation: our solicitors help our clients sort their disputes in an effective manner, either in or out of court; we help you reach agreements with third parties as well as protect your business assets and position during the dispute;
  2. Banking and finance: assistance for matters concerning corporate lending, private bank issues, legal counsel on finance transactions;
  3. Employment: counsel concerning employment contracts and procedures, employment litigation, managing equality and discrimination issues, workplace health and safety legal compliance and terminating employment agreements, among other services;
  4. Intellectual property: our solicitors can help you with registering and protecting designs and patents; we also assist in cases involving copyright infringement.

This is only a shortlist of the corporate services offered by our solicitors in Wanstead. We also assist first-time investors who are just starting their company and are in need of assistance for registration or for applying for the right types of permits and licenses.

Our tax solicitors can help answer essential questions about the taxation of individuals and companies in the UK.

Wanstead is located in East London, in the Borough of Redbridge:

  • it is located in the postal district E11;
  • in the 2011 census it had a population of 11,543 inhabitants; and
  • it is part of the Fare Zone 4 on the London Underground.

If you live in or near this location, our solicitors in Wanstead can help answer any questions about employment, owning a business, buying a home, or sorting common family disputes.

Contact us for more information about our services and to schedule an initial meeting with our team.