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Commercial Solicitors in London

Commercial Solicitors in London

Our commercial solicitors in London are ready to assist companies of all sizes as they navigate the complex and competitive business climate in one of the largest global cities in the world. London has several important business districts, out of which we can mention Westminster and the City of London, Canary Wharf or Camden and Islington. Out of these, City is one of the largest ones, not only in London but also one of the most important financial centres in the world.

Read below a list of services offered by our corporate lawyers in London and reach out to us or schedule an initial meeting with our team if you wish to know more about a particular subject or how we can help you solve a legal issue.

Services provided by our team

We offer the following types of services:

  1. Company formation: business incorporation is a key focus area for our team; our commercial solicitors in London are able to help you from the earliest stages, right after you have drawn up the business plan and need legal aid for financing, drawing up the constitutive documents and making the mandatory registrations;
  2. Commercial litigation: another key area for our team; our litigation solicitors are able to help you sort any commercial dispute by taking into account your business interests and with minimum impact on your company’s daily functioning;
  3. Tax law: tax compliance is an area of interest for all entrepreneurs and our corporate lawyers in London are able to answer your questions about the procedures or penalties set forth by the HM Revenue and Customs;
  4. Employment law: hiring employees is a natural step once the company is registered our solicitors can help you draft employment agreements, hire foreign employees as well as handle employee-related disputes and dismissals;
  5. Intellectual property: if you wish to register your trademark, our commercial solicitors in London can help you start the process; investing in intellectual property, as well as understanding the laws that govern this area, is helpful for any business aiming to grow and flourish in London and England;
  6. Others: other areas of expertise include commercial contract law as well as assistance for real estate matters.

Do keep in mind that the list above outlines only some of our services. We are also able to provide other legal services as well as assist companies that are going through restructuring or insolvency. Companies in financial difficulty need clear legal guidance and a sound restructuring plan that will focus on the most suitable options at hand. Our corporate lawyers in London offer answers in all areas of bankruptcy or insolvency.

London business statistics

The Office for National Statistics offers us data on the number of companies according to size in all the Boroughs across London. The following areas had the largest number of companies:

  • City of London: 24,020 companies, out of which 2,840 were micro companies and 90 were large (1,000 or more employees);
  • Westminster: 51,795 companies, out of which 36,765 were micro companies, with 0 to 4 employees;
  • Barnet: 24,615 companies, 21,220 out of which were also micro ones;
  • Camden: 33,005 enterprises, with 26,160 micro companies, 3,155 micro companies with 5 to 9 employees and 60 large companies with 1,000 or more employees;
  • Hackney: 22,340 companies were based in this area in 2020, out of which 18, 505 were companies with 0 to 4 employees.

You can reach out to our commercial solicitors in London if you wish to know more.

The list of enterprises by employment size also includes data on the total number of companies in England: 2,390,970 micro-companies with 0 to 4 employees. The enterprises by employment size statistical data use the following types of categories:

  • Micro companies with 0 to 4 employees;
  • Micro companies with 5 to 9 employees;
  • Small companies with 10 to 19 employees and small companies with 20 to 49 employees;
  • Medium companies with 50 to 99 employees or 100 to 499 employees; and
  • Large businesses with either 500 to 999 employees or with 1,000 and more employees.

As far as local units are concerned (defined below), the statistics provided for 2020 show that Westminster is also the area with the highest number of such local units (59,330), followed by the City of London, with 27,610 local units (the total number, including micro, small, medium and large ones).

For the purpose of the data presented above by our corporate lawyers in London, as well as for business purposes in general, a small and medium-sized business is one with less than 250 employees. A local unit as per the statistics outlined in this article is a place of work, a factory, shop, or branch.

If you are ready to open a company in an area in London and need more details about the types of companies according to their size and number of employees, please reach out to our corporate lawyers in London. We can help you start your business regardless of its size.