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Medical Negligence Solicitors in London

Medical Negligence Solicitors in London

Our team of medical negligence solicitors in London can assist you if you have been wrongfully injured by the acts of a medical professional who did not exercise the utmost level of care. Talking to our solicitors in London is useful in all cases involving medical malpractice and also in all other situations in which you have sustained injuries caused directly by someone else’s negligence.

Can one sue the NHS for medical negligence?

Clinical negligence is common, and it can occur when individuals request services within the UK public healthcare system.

While public healthcare general physicians and other specialists provide professional services throughout the country, mistakes are sometimes possible and when this occurs, a National Health Service employee can be accused of clinical negligence.

Approaching such a case is important, this is why we advise patients who have dealt with negligence to reach out to our medical negligence solicitors in London to find out the applicable time limits to take action against the NHS and also the applicable limitations on compensations. In most cases, the general time limit during which one can start the court proceedings for medical negligence is 3 years from the date of the event.

Our solicitors in London can provide more details on how to start the proceedings and the issuance of the claim form.

How can a team of medical negligence solicitors in London help me?

Medical negligence encompasses a wide variety of issues, from delayed or incorrect diagnosis to negligence during surgical procedures. Our team of medical negligence solicitors in London can provide assistance with all types of injuries the worsening of your condition as a direct result of a physician’s failure to provide adequate care and assistance.

Some examples of the cases we commonly handle include the following:

  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment: sometimes, physicians fail to diagnose certain forms of cancer, which has direct results on the patient’s ability to start timely treatment and hope for a fast and complete recovery; when this happens, clients may need to undergo more complicated procedures to address the cancer that has already spread;
  • Dental negligence: unnecessary dental procedures, such as fillings, can represent a form of negligence and they can be addressed by our team of medical negligence solicitors in London;
  • Surgery injuries: a category that can inflict some of the most significant injuries and damages to the patient; these can include those related to general surgery or laparoscopic surgery;
  • Hospital infections: when an individual acquires an infection while hospitalized, the hospital can be held responsible for this and the patient may claim compensations for the treatment of the infection in addition to the initial issue;
  • Drug and medication negligence: this refers to the improper prescription of drugs by a physician;
  • Nursing home cases: however unfortunate, nursing home negligence includes substandard care, failure to address the elderly’s particular needs and provide adequate medical treatment.

When should I contact a clinical negligence solicitor?

Our medical negligence solicitors in London can also help you calculate the estimated compensation in your case. This initial amount will serve as a much-needed guideline and will help you negotiate the compensation, all whilst assisted by our solicitors.

Most of the time, the standard of treatment, both within the NHS and in private clinics throughout the UK is high. Medical professionals do their best to diagnose and treat patients. However, some procedures are more complicated than others and certain situations do leave room for human error.

According to an NHS report, the number of clinical negligence claims has remained relatively steady in the UK. However, compensation levels are rising. The data indicates the following:

  • during 2018-2019 there were 10,678 new clinical negligence claims, an increase of 5 cases compared to the previous year;
  • in 2017-2018 there were 10,673 cases;
  • the percentage of cases settled without damages in 2018-2019 was 44%;
  • the number of non-clinical claims, such as public liability and employers’ cases rose from 3,570 in 2017-2018 to 3,585 in 2018-2019.

The NHS uses several schemes to cover clinical and non-clinical negligence and in 2018-2019 the value of the clinical negligence scheme for trusts was 2,232 million £.

If you have been subjected to clinical errors that have had an important impact on your health and wellbeing, reaching out to our medical negligence solicitors in London will be the first step to recover the compensations you are entitled to.