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Employment Lawyers in UK

Employment Lawyers in UK

Our team of employment lawyers in UK is able to provide needed legal assistance to both employers and employees. Together with our team, any disputes related to the work relationship will be sorted and, in most cases, solved by agreement. We provide straightforward services and we strive to find effective and fast solutions so that our clients can benefit from a quick resolve of their employment-related disputes.

Our team specializes in the Employment and Labour Law and our employment lawyers in London have the means to meet the needs of clients across the United Kingdom.

The Employment Law in UK

If you are a foreign employee currently working in the UK and are interested in the implications once the Kingdom leaves the European Union, our employment solicitors in London can help answer any questions.

Some of the main issues addressed in the employment legislation are the following:

  • the terms for employment: the contract for employment, the minimum daily and weekly rests as well as the minimum wage in the United Kingdom;
  • employee representation: legal terms for trade union recognition as well as their rights and collective bargaining, among others;
  • discrimination: the law allows employees and workers to be protected against discrimination based on age, gender (including reassignment), religion, beliefs and others;
  • maternity leave: the ordinary maternity leave, as well as the additional and the compulsory maternity leave types, are defined in the current legislation;
  • company mergers: the preservation of the employment contract following a business sale and the rights of the employee in this situation.

This list is not an exhaustive one and we encourage you to reach out to our experts for employment law free advice in UK.

The current law distinguishes between employees as well workers and self-employed. Out of the three categories, the employees have the highest number of rights. Our team can help you understand the particularities applicable to each group.

Services offered by our employment lawyers in London

Our team offers expert Employment Law advice for both employees and businesses. Our services can also meet the needs of those who are self-employed in the UK and foreign workers.

Examples of our services include the following:

  1. unfair dismissal: in most cases, employees are protected against unfair dismissal after two years of service; our team can help you if your agreement has been terminated before this time and can advise you based on your particular situation;
  2. payment disputes: these can include salary or bonus issues; if you cannot negotiate a payment dispute on your own, our team is here to help you settle the dispute with your employer;
  3. discrimination: if you have been harassed or discriminated at your workplace, you do not have to put up with this unlawful behaviour; our employment lawyers in London can help you understand your rights;
  4. disciplinary proceedings: these can include breaches of the code of ethics on the part of the employee and they may have unfavourable implications; our team of lawyers can help you prepare your defence if you have been accused of such an act.

These are part of the employment-related matters offered by our law firm for employees. Our team is experienced in representing employees in disputes with their employers. We will evaluate your case accordingly in order to provide a personalized solution.

The services offered by our employment solicitors in London are also suitable for employers. We can help with timely legal advice in order to avoid any employment-related disputes and can provide assistance in restructuring cases as well as in disciplinary proceedings and grievances.

The labour market in the UK is influenced by the economic and political climate as well as global factors. The Office for National Statistics has issued the following numbers regarding employment in the UK in 2020:

  • it was estimated that the employment rate across all age groups (individuals aged 16 to 64 years) was 76.4% between February and April;
  • men had an estimated employment rate of 80.1%;
  • women have an employment rate estimated at 72.7%;
  • during the same period there was a decrease in the number of self-employed individuals (their number was down by 131,000);
  • the estimated unemployment rate in the UK for all people was 3.9% for February – April 2020; this was higher for men (4.1% – higher than in 2019) than for women (3.7% – largely unchanged).

Contact our employment lawyers in UK for more information about our services for businesses and individuals. Our team will answer any questions and will provide adequate assistance, as needed.