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Boutique Law Firms in London

Boutique Law Firms in London

Boutique law firms in London have been successfully competing against larger and established competition and they prove that creative solutions and professionalism are approaches that clients often rely on for various legal matters. Our firm is one of the boutique law firms in London that provide complete services to both UK and international clients.

We specialise in many different legal areas, including but not limited to corporate and commercial, litigation, family law, employment, immigration, and regulatory matters.

What are the differences between large and boutique law firms in London?

Boutique law firms generally specialize in a particular niche or a limited number of legal services, as opposed to large law firms that work across all legal fields. In terms of specialisation and credentialed professionals, while large first do have the financial means to attract highly credentialed lawyers, smaller law firms also cooperate with experienced lawyers who are able to deliver professional and client-oriented results.

In terms of clients, it is common for big law firms to have a broader clientele and to focus on large corporate clients. Boutique law firms in London are often preferred by individuals and small or medium-sized companies not only because of the adjusted fees but also because they offer good options when one needs highly specialised professionals in a particular legal field.

When choosing between a large law firm or a boutique one it is important to take in all of the considerations regarding specialisation, fees and relevant case experience.

What are the services offered by our boutique law firm in London?

Smaller law firms in London can choose to specialise in one or more legal fields, however, it is quite common for these boutique companies to offer integrated solutions and have a team of lawyers that has relevant experience in more than one business field.

Some of the services offered by our boutique law firm in London include the following:

  • Corporate: company formation, industry compliance, taxation and compliance for small and medium-sized companies in England;
  • Commercial: business agreements, assistance for drawing up, advisory services, legal guidance on complex business matters;
  • Employment: advice for both employers and employees, legal representation for abusive dismissals, assistance for drawing up agreements and others;
  • Litigation: our specialists help clients solve legal disputes in many different fields; we can offer in and out of court representation as well as solutions for alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration.

Please keep in mind that these are examples of core services and our law firm provides legal assistance in various other legal fields, such as Family Law, Immigration Law or Competition Law. We work with both local and foreign clients and are able to provide detailed information about our services upon request. Send us an inquiry to find our how we can assist you.

Why work with us?

We are one of the boutique law firms in London that are full service and we are able to provide answers a variety of legal issues, relying on the years of experience our team members have between them. We focus on delivering results in key sectors all while focusing on the particular needs of our business and individual clients.

We offer cost-effective services and are a partner that assists clients throughout the legal process, whether we are discussing small claims or complex legal issues. As a small, boutique law firm, we have complete capability and experience through our experienced solicitors in London and are able to provide solutions just as a larger law firm would.

Our law professionals follow the standards and the regulations set forth by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The number of solicitors in the UK has been growing in 2020, as indicated by recent figures:

  • in June 2020 there were 202,265 solicitors on the roll and 149,621 practising solicitors;
  • in May 2020 the total number of solicitors on the roll was 201,873 and practising solicitors 149,152;
  • at the beginning of the year, in January, there were 200,021 solicitors on the roll and 146,791 practising solicitors.

Choosing to work with a boutique law firm can be an excellent solution, especially when you need answers to niche legal issues and a dedicated team that has the experience and the availability to assist you each step of the way. Some of the most important characteristics of a small law firm are also its main advantages, allowing the firm to deliver efficient and focused solutions. Contact us for complete information on the services offered by the solicitors at our boutique law firm in London.