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Legal Services Provided by Our Solicitors in London

Legal Services Provided by Our Solicitors in London

We are a law firm based in London that offers services to both individuals and businesses in need of legal advice and services. Throughout our career, we have worked with clients in various business sectors as well as individuals who required assistance in a wide range of matters, from Family Law to immigration or employment issues.

We focus on delivering fast and pragmatic solutions. When you choose to work with us, our solicitor in London appointed to your case will strive to find the most suitable solutions by keeping in mind the particularities of your case.

Read below about a few of the legal services provided by our solicitors in London and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need to schedule an initial appointment with our team.

A solicitor in London, such as the one from our team, has the training and experience to help individual clients in all areas of interest.

We help clients solve problems such as:

  • Family and Divorce: a solicitor in London from our team is able to assist you throughout the divorce proceedings and when settling the child maintenance and custody issues;
  • Civil Litigation: litigation is at the core of our legal services and our team has extensive experience in court proceedings;
  • Employment issues: we offer complete legal services to employees looking for answers in case of discrimination, wrongful dismissal, maternity leave, disciplinary procedures and any other issues related to their rights;
  • Others: we also assist those who wish to know details about the immigration procedures and are able to provide debt recovery services for individuals.

A solicitor in London from our team can answer your questions about any of these services. We offer services to clients based anywhere in London. We serve areas such as Greenwich, Camden, Ealing, and many other areas. You can reach out today to find out how we can help you.

Our experience allows us to provide full legal services to businesses in need of legal advice and representation. In a competitive city such as London, companies of all sizes can benefit from working with an experienced team of corporate and commercial lawyers.

The legal services provided by our solicitor in London who specializes in business matters include the following:

  1. Commercial Litigation: legal representation in court proceedings having to do with contractual disputes, intellectual property disputes, debt recovery, shareholder disagreements and more;
  2. Data protection: expert legal advice on the latest compliance requirements related to data protection and how breaches thereof are treated;
  3. Employment Law: our business division offers legal services to employers and can answer questions about recruitment, hiring expats, fair dismissals, equal pay and many other issues;
  4. Others: we offer a wide range of legal solutions for businesses; you can reach out to our solicitor in London for issued related to registering trademarks, company incorporation in London and many others.

We are also able to answer questions about the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement for those investors who keep on trading with the EU.

Our goal is to offer a quick resolve to your commercial dispute so that the company may continue to function properly during the course of the legal procedures.

London is a true business and financial centre and it is the home of innovative companies, small or family businesses as well as an ever-increasing number of corporations.

According to City of London authorities, based on data provided by the Office for National Statistics, more than 50% of the City’s jobs in 2019 were offered by companies with more than 250 employees. Other data about the City shows the following:

  • there were 24,020 businesses in the City in 2019;
  • out of the total number of businesses 99% were SMEs whilst the large companies are very large corporations;
  • 72% of the workers in the City of London were employed in high-skilled jobs in 2019; this is not the case in other areas across London where only 63% of workers are employed in these types of jobs and in the rest of Great Britain where only 49% of workers have high-skilled jobs;
  • 40% of the total employees in the City of London in 2019 were born outside the UK.

Our solicitor in London can help answer questions about the business climate in the City of London as well as on other areas across London. We are here to provide assistance to businesses as well as individuals who are in need of specialised legal services.

Contact our solicitors for more information on how we can help you.