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Solicitors in Hammersmith

Solicitors in Hammersmith

Our solicitors in Hammersmith offer much-needed legal advice to clients who face various issues. In addition to counsel, we also represent our clients in court, both in simple and complex legal matters. You can reach out to our team as soon as you believe that a problem you are facing, whether family-law-related or employment-related is one that you will not be able to sort without the help of a specialist.

It is advisable to seek legal assistance in most cases and not refuse to reach out to a solicitor based on issues such as believing that the problem is too personal or that the costs will be too high – there are options to seek legal aid in the UK and our team will present you with information about the projected costs.

We list some of our services below and we encourage you to reach out to our solicitors in Hammersmith if you have more questions.

Our services for individuals

Some of our main services include the following:

  1. Divorce: assistance throughout the divorce process, including court representation, negotiation as well as for settling child custody and maintenance issues align with the division of assets between the former spouses;
  2. Family Law: pre and post nuptial agreements, cohabitation disputes, same-sex marriages, judicial separation, surrogacy and adoption and others;
  3. Conveyancing: we offer services related to residential conveyancing – we assist clients who wish to purchase a house in Hammersmith;
  4. Litigation: our solicitors in Hammersmith provide court representation and alternative dispute management such as mediation or arbitration;
  5. Personal Injury: complete legal assistance for clients who have sustained work injuries, medical injuries, and many more.

We also help clients who are having employment issues in London, such as unfair dismissals, or those who wish to know more about immigration and working in the country after Brexit. If you have questions, please reach out to us.

Our services for companies

Our team also includes experienced solicitors in Hammersmith who are able to offer complete business legal services. We cover the following areas:

  • Commercial litigation: we assist businesses who face legal issues related to contract disputes, professional negligence, international disputes and many more;
  • Business incorporation: our solicitors in Hammersmith can help you start your business in this London area;
  • Employment: legal assistance for drafting or reviewing employment contracts, employment litigation and dispute resolution, terminating employment agreements and many other issues;
  • Real estate: legal solutions for investors willing to purchase property, engage in real estate development or are involved in property litigation.

The list above includes only part of our services for businesses in London. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

About our solicitors in Hammersmith

Our law firm includes solicitors in Hammersmith, London, who specialize in various areas of law. Our broad area of expertise allows us to provide services to both companies and individuals alike, meaning that you can reach out to us if you live in or near Hammersmith if you own a business here, or in both situations.

We provide a high level of professionalism and we offer efficient advice to all clients who are looking for legal solutions. We understand that certain family matters, such as divorce and child custody, are complex and require a high level of trust between the client and the solicitor who will undertake the legal duty of sorting matters that can present certain emotional difficulty for the client.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is located partly in West London and partly in Southwest London (Fulham). The west portion of the borough covers the areas of Hammersmith, Shepherd’s Bush and West Kensington and the area has some of the most expensive residential properties in the United Kingdom. According to the London Government Directory, the demographics in the area were the following:

  • 185,426 people lived in Hammersmith and Fulham in mid-2018, approximately 2.08% of all the population in London;
  • according to the Directory, there were 88,140 households as per the available data and the inland area of this Borough alone covered 1,640 hectares;
  • according to datasets from 2018, there were 14,460 registered businesses in Hammersmith and Fulham;
  • data from the Office for National Statistics reveals that this Borough had 136.565 employees in 2019 (including full-time and part time employees).

Contact our solicitors in Hammersmith for more information about the services we offer, the representation we provide for cases that are taken to court as well as to schedule an initial assessment.