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Solicitors in Wimbledon

Solicitors in Wimbledon

Our team of solicitors in Wimbledon provides a wide range of legal services to clients in the southwest area of London. We have offices across the city and if you are in need of professional legal aid and live in or near the Wimbledon area, we are here to provide assistance. Wimbledon is well-connected to the rest of London through tube, rail, and tram.

 Quick Facts  
Divorce services offered by our solicitors in Wimbledon

– legal assistance for divorce or separation,

– legal assistance for child matters (arrangements, maintenance),

– legal help for business matters in case of shared business between the former partners etc.

Family law

– pre and post-nuptial agreements,

– financial settlements,

– wills and probate,

– trust administration

Civil litigation

– contractual disputes,

– property disputes in Wimbledon,

– landlord/ tenant disputes,

– defamation and others

Drink drive

 – legal assistance for drink drive and/or other driving offences,

– appeals,

– mitigation,

– assistance for high risk offenders from our solicitors in Wimbledon

Individual employment

– legal help for professional negligence disputes,

– unlawful dismissal,

– workplace discrimination,

– employment agreement issues


– buying or selling residential property,

– joint ownership,

– transfer of ownership,

-re-mortgaging or re-financing,

– rural property issues in Wimbledon


– UK visa applications and extensions,

– special work visa situations,

– residency,

– citizenship

Commercial litigation in Wimbledon

– contractual disputes,

– regulatory disputes,

– professional negligence,

– shareholder/partner disputes and more

Employment law for companies

– employment contracts,

– dismissals,

– settlement agreements,

– disciplinary grievances etc.

Company formation in Wimbledon

– company registration with the Companies House,

– drafting corporate documents,

– tax matters,

– assistance for international businesses in Wimbledon


– corporate restructuring,

– applying for a company voluntary arrangement,

– compulsory liquidation

Intellectual property

– trademark registration,

– patent, design, copyright registration,

– IP litigation,

– trademark revocation services offered by our solicitors in Wimbledon etc. 

Commercial property

– real estate investor and developer services,

– construction law solicitors,

– other services, such as those related to property management or disposal in Wimbledon

Debt recovery services

– amicable debt recovery,

– legal claims for debt collection,

– debt enforcement action

Cross-border issues

– francizing,

– cross border merges and acquisitions,

– services for branches and subsidiaries in Wimbledon

Our team offers the following services:

  • Employment: are you working in London and in need of legal advice regarding employment? our solicitors can answer your questions;
  • Family matters: divorce, child-related matters as well as other issues concerning Family Law; we know that these family matters often carry a heavy emotional load and our experienced solicitors are here to assist you in the best possible way;
  • Criminal law: our lawyer in UK can help you with matters related to crimes and offences; we offer general litigation services as well as assist in other civil law actions;
  • Commercial: we also provide assistance for business crime issues, commercial fraud, personal liability for corporate debt, commercial litigation and business disputes;
  • Others: we provide assistance in matters that concern personal injury, property disputes as well as wills (including inheritance disputes and contesting a will) and commercial property (acquisition, sale, development, leasing and other matters).

Please note that these are some of the services provided by our solicitors in Wimbledon. For more information about a particular service, as well as personalized answers to any of your questions, we encourage you to send us an inquiry.

Our lawyers in London also cover other areas. You can reach out to us if you live in another location in Greater London and you can choose to work with our solicitors who are closest to you.

Family law solicitors in Wimbledon

Our friendly law firm offers professional services to families in need of legal assistance and/or legal representation in court.

We assist clients through important life events, such as buying a home, drawing up a will, or handling the estate of a loved one.

Similarly, we also know that the types of life events that make it necessary to call upon a solicitor are often unpleasant ones, and we understand the need for discretion in many issues such as personal despite resolution, divorce, or child arrangements.

Below, you can find more details about the services our Family Law solicitors in Wimbledon provide to clients:

  • Divorce proceedings: we assist our client throughout the process of ending the marriage; generally, the starting point for most matrimonial property is 50/50, however, special legal assistance is advisable when one of the former spouses has a low income and when minor children are involved;
  • Child arrangement orders: we assist families who cannot settle matters concerning their children in an amicable manner; a special order by the court can provide the rules for education and schooling, relocating abroad with the child, or even the rights of grandparents;
  • General dispute resolution: whether the dispute concerns debt and personal insolvency, or matters between landlords and tenants, we can assist you; we also provide legal services to clients in Wimbledon who are having property disputes with their neighbors and are unsure how to proceed;
  • Wills and probate: a will allows the individual to not be subjected to the intestacy rules that determine clear rules for how the assets are divided; in addition to meeting with our team for drawing up a will, we can also assist those interested in probate and estate administration – a welcomed service for those who are in mourning and cannot deal with the estate that belonged to their loved one themselves.

In addition to these, our services aimed at individuals also target immigration matters.

If you would like to know more about these types of services or have questions about a particular issue, please feel free to contact us.

Commercial and business lawyers in Wimbledon

The services we offer to businesses are tailored to meet the needs of the company according to size, as well as industry.

The two pillars of our business services include those focused on commercial and business law, and business dispute resolution.

For those clients interested in commercial law, we offer guidance and legal advice for the following:

  • Business incorporation, sale and purchase: when you decide to open a company in the UK, our team of solicitors in Wimbledon will assist and answer your questions about registration and licensing; we also assist investors interested in the sale and purchase of existing UK companies;
  • Business agreements: legal advice and assistance for drafting many types of business contracts, such as distribution or licensing agreements, as well as employment agreements or maintenance and outsourcing agreements;
  • Data protection: we help our clients understand how they are asked to comply with the GDPR and what this means to their business; we also provide information on the mandatory registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office and the fee payable by all companies that process personal information (unless subject to an exemption);
  • Intellectual property rights: information on trademark, copyright, design and patent registration, legal representation in case of trademark infringement, as well as details on the protection of UK trademarks within the EU.

In addition to the services described above, we also assist companies that have questions about the Employment Law, and those that required legal assistance for dealing with commercial property matters in Wimbledon and across the UK.

If you are looking for more information on the specific company and business services we offer, please get in touch with our solicitors in Wimbledon.

We invite you to watch a video covering our main services:

Work with our solicitors in Wimbledon

Do you own a business in Wimbledon or are you looking to solve a number of family related issues if you live in the area? Our solicitors can be of service for any of the aforementioned legal issues as well as many others.

Our team is highly specialized in several areas of law and we are able to provide our clients with tailored services that are suited to their particular needs. We are committed to providing our clients with legal advice that will prove both practical and efficient. When working with us, you can rest assured that our lawyer in London has your best interests in mind, whether we are discussing business or Family Law issues.

We are here to help you achieve your goals through our legal expertise and our realistic and efficient approach to treating legal matters.

Our solicitors comply with the standards are regulations set forth by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and follow a Code of Conduct that includes principles such as:

  • Maintaining trust: we do not mislead clients by acts or omissions and we are not complacent in the acts or omissions of others;
  • Acting fairly: this means that we do not discriminate, we perform all undertakings within the agreed time and we do not abuse our position to take advantage of clients;
  • Services for the client: we only act as per the instructions of the client or another party that has been expressly entrusted to act on behalf of the client; we always act in the client’s best interest;
  • Confidentiality: we maintain the highest level of confidentiality and we do not act if there is a suspicion of a conflict of interest.

Our pricing differs according to the chosen type of legal service, however, we follow a transparent pricing policy and we provide adequate information to clients who are interested in knowing more about our fees.

According to the SRA, the main regulator for solicitors in Wimbledon as well as the rest of England (and their firms) there were 202,265 solicitors on the roll in June 2020. Other data highlights the following:

  • out of the solicitors on the roll in June 2020, 149,621 were practicing ones;
  • there were 781 registered European lawyers in the same month;
  • at the beginning of the year, in January 2020, the number of practicing solicitors was slightly lower, at 146,791.

Our solicitors in Wimbledon are qualified ones and we strive to meet the highest standards for our clients.

If you live in the Wimbledon area and would like to know more about our services, please contact us for more information as well as pricing.