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Solicitors in Islington

Solicitors in Islington

Our experienced solicitors in Islington serve both individual and corporate clients and are dedicated to finding efficient solutions for all legal needs. We specialise in many areas of law, including Family and Employment Law, Property Law, Business and Conveyancing, to name a few. We are a dedicated and united team, working together to find solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

At the core of our work lie our services dedicated to individuals. We handle many cases related to Family Law and inheritance matters and have worked in the field long enough to know that our clients always benefit from personalized solutions.

Some of the services we can help you with include:

  1. Divorce: ending a marriage involves not only emotional hardship, it can also bring significand financial and housing changes; our team can help you sort the issues with your former spouse and find a settlement that suits both your needs and the needs of your children;
  2. Conveyancing: we can help you purchase property in Islington; we also assist landlords and/or tenants in various disputes;
  3. Wills and Probate: our solicitors can help you draw up a will and will assist you if you need probate services;
  4. Immigration: the manner in which foreign nationals are permitted to remain in the UK for work, study or family reunification purposes has changed after Brexit; our solicitors in Islington can help you understand the requirements.

Individuals who are in need of legal counsel and representation in private dispute resolution cases can rely on our specialist litigators. We have experience representing clients in front of specialist tribunals as well as in the County Court and the High Court. We also encourage the use of alternative dispute resolution methods for the purpose of achieving faster results, such as arbitration. We focus on delivering clear results, that are mindful of the individual’s particular situation and that also allow for alternative funding, such as the state aid provided by the Government.

Our division also includes a team of lawyers specialising in Employment Law who are able to serve both employers and employees. If you were the victim of unfair dismissal, workplace harassment, if your employer does not observe the laws for minimum wage or paid leave, you can talk to our solicitors and find a solution.

Do not hesitate to reach out to one of our solicitors to see how we can help you.

Do you own a business based in Islington or are you thinking about opening one? Our lawyers specialized in commercial and business law can help answer your questions and can also help you with court representation or negotiation in case of business disputes.

Some of the business and commercial services offered by our team include the following:

  1. Business services: we help investors and entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses in Islington;
  2. Litigation: we help our clients deal with the disputes that arise in their business; we favour out of court dispute resolution, at the same time being prepared to take the case to court if necessary;
  3. Commercial property: our property law solicitors in Islington assist entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to purchase property, invest in large commercial spaces or office buildings or those who are involved in larger real estate construction projects;
  4. Employment: we help business owners hire foreign employees, conclude employment agreements and settle disputes or arguments with their empployees.

Make sure to reach out to our solicitors in Islington if you have questions about these services.

About Islington

The London Borough of Islington includes 16 wards, including Barnsbury, Canonbury, Clerkenwell, Bunhill, Holloway, and others. According to the Council, the Borough had 236,000 residents in 2020. Other statistical data presented by our solicitors in Islington shows the following:

  • 13,420 people were living in Barnsbury, most of whom were working aged population (10,040 people), followed by individuals aged 0-15 (1,995) and individuals aged above 65+ (1,385);
  • 12,960 people were living in Canonbury and 12,895 people in Clerkenwell;
  • the employment rate was 42% across Islington, with 45% people aged 16-74 in full-time employment in Canonbury (6,200 people, out of which the majority, 3,305, had professional or associate occupations).
  • 61.1% of the people living in Islington were born in England and 35.4% outside of UK; out of the total population, 71.1% had a UK passport.

Contact our solicitors in Islington if you live in one of the wards and are in need of efficient and professional legal help.