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Solicitors in Putney

Solicitors in Putney

We are a full-service law firm that serves both individuals and companies in the Putney area and we have extensive experience in important areas of law such as Family Law or commercial and business laws. Read below about the main services we provide and reach out to our solicitors as soon as you need legal assistance for a personal or business matter.

Can your solicitors in Putney help me with divorce?

Yes, we have solicitors who are experienced in all Family Law issues and can help you if you live in Putney and are going through a divorce or wish to file for divorce in the near future. We assist our clients who wish to resolve the financial aspects of divorce, those who wish to enter into separation agreements as well as those who are confronted with child maintenance issues.

We strive to offer our clients fast and easy ways to end marriage or cohabitation. This is why we will usually recommend family mediation as a first step towards solving any financial distribution, child maintenance, or child custody issues.

Our solicitors treat each case with due care and consideration, especially when children are involved. You can also entrust our specialists with complex cases that involve domestic abuse and in these situations, we urge you to reach out to us as soon as possible.

We also offer assistance with other Family Law issues and are able to answer any questions on matters concerning prenuptial agreements or cohabitation and common law marriage in the UK. A separate division of our team offers wills and probate services which are related to the preparation of wills, intestacy, trusts and estate administration.

Do your solicitors in Putney offer conveyancing services?

Our team includes an experienced conveyancing team. We offer services related to residential property and commercial property and spaces. You can reach out to us if you wish to buy or sell a home or rent an office for your company. We also specialize in landlord and tenant issues, therefore you can confidently contact us if you are a landlord who is having issues and needs to evict the tenants or if you are a tenant who was wrongfully evicted or has otherwise suffered because of the acts of the tenants and are looking to see what your legal rights are in that particular case.

Our solicitors in Putney offer solutions for:

  • Buying and selling flats and homes as well as large commercial property;
  • Granting leases;
  • Mortgages/mortgages;
  • Lease advice;
  • Shared ownership issues;
  • Granting leases/forfeiture of leases and many more.

We have competitive rates and a friendly team, ready to help you. We also offer complete legal services in areas like:

  • Employment;
  • Company formation and start-ups;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Tax matters and others.

When should I contact you?

Do reach out to our solicitors in Putney as soon as possible after you have discovered the legal issue or, in medical negligence and personal injury cases, as soon as you are able to after the accident. The sooner you speak to one of our legal experts, the faster we can commence to work on your case or provide you with essential legal advice so that you may move forward with your claim.

Special time limits apply in the UK for different classes of action. One should be mindful of these as an action cannot be brought to court after the expiry date. Some examples include the following:

  • 12 years: claims brought in respect of deeds, namely the breach of an obligation that appears in the deed;
  • 6 years: for tort, excluding personal injury and latent damage (from the date the damage takes place); fraud is also subject to a 6-year period as well as simple contract claims;
  • 3 years: for personal injury cases (examples include slip and falls, vehicle accidents, and other injuries occurred as a direct result of another party’s negligence);
  • 1 year: defamation (slander or libel), calculated from the date the defamatory act was published.

Our team of solicitors can give you more information about the Limitation Act 1980 and other relevant laws, as per the current Government rules. We can help you observe these terms, for the acts listed above as well as any other type of legal issue you may be facing.

Putney is located in the Borough of Wandsworth, in the southwest of London. If you live in this area, we can help you sort divorce, child maintenance, real estate, business or commercial legal issues.

Contact our solicitors in Putney today if you need more information about the services we provide, about how you can claim legal aid, or if you are simply in need of legal counsel.