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Solicitors in Wembley

Solicitors in Wembley

Wembley is an important town in England, best known for the eponymous stadium, home of the England national football team. As the main town in the borough of Brent, it is a major centre in north-west England, and it is located approximately 8 miles of Charing Cross. Our solicitors in Wembley serve clients located in the town as well as in Alperton, North Wembley, or Wembley Park, among other localities, as needed.

 Quick Facts  
Divorce and family law services from our solicitors in Wembley 

– check the legal conditions for a divorce,

– apply for a divorce or separation,

– financial settlements,

– legal services for international divorce

Medical negligence

– misdiagnosis,

– severe accidents (amputation, paralysis),

– dental negligence,

– death caused by medical negligence

Wills and probate

– drafting wills,

– power of attorney,

– succession planning,

– probate,

– estate administration

Child matters

 – child arrangement orders,

– child maintenance,

– adoption and surrogacy,

– child abuse services offered by our solicitors in Wembley

Individual employment

– unlawful dismissal,

– workplace discrimination,

– employment agreement irregularities,

– maternity pay & leave issues

Residential conveyancing

– buying and selling residential property,

– transfer of ownership,

– property due diligence,

– re-mortgaging

Immigration services offered by our solicitors in Wembley

– UK visa applications and extensions,

– special work visa situations,

– residency,

– citizenship

Commercial disputes

– contractual disputes,

– regulatory disputes,

– professional negligence,

– shareholder/partner disputes and more

Employment law for companies

– drafting contracts of employment,

– collective redundancies,

– data protection and more

Company formation

– choosing the business form,

– Companies House registration,

– special licenses and permits applications

Insolvency & restructuring

– restructuring,

– voluntary company liquidation,

– compulsory company liquidation in Wembley

Intellectual property

– trademark registration,

– patent, design, copyright registration,

– IP litigation,

– trademark revocation services etc. 

Commercial property

– services for real estate developers in Wembley,

– agriculture and green energy,

– real estate asset management,

– construction solicitors

Debt recovery services

– amicable debt recovery,

– court debt recovery

International business services

– francize agreements,

– cross border merges and acquisitions,

– matters concerning Wembley branches and subsidiaries  

Working with our team is a straightforward choice if you live in the area or if your business is located here.

Wembley is known for a high degree of ethnic diversity and our team can help you if you have just moved to the United Kingdom and are in need of any immigration assistance. Likewise, we can help you of you are looking for legal advice regarding employment or if you need conveyancing services.

What are the services offered by our solicitors in Wembley?

We provide complete and tailored services to our clients located in Wembley and the surrounding areas. Our specialist solicitors have relevant experience in a number of areas of law and follow a comprehensive code of ethics, as prescribed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the main regulator for England and Wales.

Our solicitors in Wembley can help you with the following:

  • Employment Law: we provide solutions on any issues related to employment as well as legal representation, as needed; you can reach out to us prior to signing an employment agreement or if you have been subject to discrimination or unfair treatment;
  • Family Law: our solicitors specializing in divorce and separation can help you during this problematic time; we can help advise you on children’s matters as well as maintenance and the division of property;
  • Wills and Probate: you can reach out to our solicitors in Wembley if you need help drawing up a will or legal assistance for inheritance issues; we can also help you contest a will;
  • Immigration Law: we provide suitable advice in matters relating to the types of visas, UK settlement issues as well as Brexit-related questions;
  • Conveyancing: complete solutions for property sellers as well as buyers; we can help you during the entire sale/purchase process and we are attentive to the needs of the client as well as the particularities of the transaction.

This is only a general list of the services provided by our solicitors in Wembley. If you would wish to know more details about our legal services, or if you have other legal requirements than the ones presented above, please reach out to us.

How can we help you if you run a business in Wembley?

Our team is fully capable of providing services not only for individuals, but also for businesses operating in this town, owning to our team of lawyers and specialists in business and corporate law.

Running a company in today’s complex economic environment can be challenging at times. Our solicitors in Wembley are here to provide you and your local business with adequate solutions according to your business needs, whether they are related to commercial litigation, taxation, employment issues or others. We can help you with legal advice and assistance according to the business field in which your company activates and we can help you make sure that you meet all of the proper licensing requirements as well as the health and safety norms for your employees.

The Companies House indicates that at the end of March 2019 there were 4,202,044 companies registered. Other figures note the following:

  • there was a 4.2% increase in the total number of companies in 2019 compared to the previous year;
  • 672,890 new companies were registered between 2018 and 2019;
  • this is the highest number of incorporations since 2009-2010 and it is an 8.5% increase compared to 2017-2018.

If you are a business owner in Wembley that has just opened a company during this incorporation growth, our solicitors can provide adequate legal assistance.

When should you contact us?

Our solicitors in Wembley are ready to answer your legal requirements. You can rest assured that once your case is in our hands, it will be treated with due care and attention. Our solicitors work with a focus on ensuring our client’s needs and objectives and are also mindful of any financial strains and limitations that may appear along the legal process. This is why we also focus on affordable legal solutions that are also efficient and allow the client to solve the issue at hand as fast and as easily as possible.

Because we believe in tailored legal solutions, we advise our clients to see out our services as soon as possible. This will allow us to handle the issue from the very beginning and, when needed, come up with an adequate strategy that may make the difference between a lengthy and a speedy resolve.

Contact our solicitors in Wembley today if you need personalized information or if you would like to schedule an appointment.