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Litigation solicitors in London

Litigation solicitors in London

Our litigation solicitors in London focus on dispute resolution conducted in the Country Courts or in the High Courts as well as the various specialist courts, such as the Technology and Construction Court (TCC). We aid clients in simpler and substantial civil claims, however, we do provide alternative dispute resolution solutions when appropriate. Litigation may not be the preferred or the first manner in which our clients wish to sort their commercial or personal issues.

We understand its complexities and the fact that the process can be lengthier, compared to arbitration. Nonetheless, we assist our clients with pre-action conduct, case management and legal representation in court.

With the right approach, which is possible through the extensive experience of our litigation solicitors in London, our clients will rest assured that their outcome will be one that will suit their business or personal interests.

Commercial litigation

Our main focus is the right outcome for our corporate clients. In most cases, this means court litigation and our solicitors are ready to provide adequate solutions both in simple and in complex commercial cases. Our approach has the client’s best interest in mind. This also means that our solicitors will make all efforts to maintain a good business relationship through out-of-court negotiations, as needed and if appropriate.

Our litigation solicitors in London can assist you with the following:

  • Contract disputes: contractual disputes or the breach of an agreement often occur in commercial relationships; our team is here to help you sort the issues that arise, with a focus on avoiding disruption;
  • Debt collection: companies in London can sometimes be in the unfortunate position of having to follow through with one of more clients or other companies that owe them money; our team can help you save time and, if amicable recovery is not possible, move to the next phase of court debt recovery;
  • Employment: disputes with employees are unfortunate, however, if they do arise, our team will help you with cases concerning negligence, confidentiality breaches, harassment or unfair dismissal, among others;
  • Intellectual property: when your trademark is infringed, either by an identical or a very similar trademark, our litigation solicitors in London will help you determine the extent of the usage and start the infringement proceedings;
  • International judgments: enforcing a foreign judgment in England or Wales will sometimes demand an English judgment for the concerned matter; our team can help you if you are interested in the enforcement of a final and conclusive judgment;
  • Others: we can also provide assistance in matters concerning fraud, disputes related to directors’ duties, and others.

Working with a team of specialist litigation solicitors in London is key for obtaining optimal legal results. Business owners in London who have questions about our services can reach out to us for more information about our solutions for commercial disputes.

We are part of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, according to which there were 153,246 practising solicitors in the UK in 2021. Other statistical data includes the following:

  • there were 209,181 solicitors on the roll at the end of July 2021 (not all of them practising);
  • in January 2021 there were 152,997 practising solicitors and 5,587 registered foreign lawyers;
  • in January 2020 there were 146,791 practising solicitors out of 200,021 solicitors on roll.

Litigation for individuals

Our multidisciplinary team is also able to provide individuals with solutions for court representation in those cases that cannot be sorted out of court. We offer

  1. Employment: we help individuals address various employment issues and are able to offer court representation for our clients;
  2. Immigration: we help our clients if they have been subject to a decision form the Home Office in relation to deportation or other issues concerning the permission to stay in the UK;
  3. Divorce: if you need to sort issues concerning the custody of the children, money or property, having legal representation in court during the divorce procedure can be of great importance; our litigation solicitors in London are able to assist you;
  4. Real estate: we help clients in litigation concerning leases, tenant and landlord disputes, eviction or matters concerning the division of real estate property.

You can find out more about our services and pricing by reaching out to one of our solicitors. We will be able to understand your case better after an initial evaluation and provide you with an initial schedule and starting price, according to your dispute resolution case. Contact our litigation solicitors in London to find out more.