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Solicitors in Barking

Solicitors in Barking

Our solicitors in Barking have experience in a number of legal areas. We can help you if you wish to move to Barking, if you plan on opening a company or already run a business here as well as if you need advice for a real estate purchase or help with family issues, such as drawing up a will. Our Barking office is accessible for clients in this district, however, we do provide legal services in other areas in London.

Barking is an area located in East London and it serves as the administrative centre of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The neighbourhoods that make up the borough include Chadwell Heath, Wood Lane, Becontree, Barking Riverside and others. The area is undergoing an important regeneration programme and it already has plenty to offer to its residents: shops, schools or pleasant river walks. Central London is easily accessible by train.

Our team is able to provide complete legal services for individuals, whether they are related to employment, immigration or various other matters. Barking has an ethnically diverse population and immigrants who wish to settle in the area for employment purposes, as well as those who are looking for legal answers to issues related to family reunification, can request the services of our solicitors.

Our solicitors in Barking can help you with the following:

  • Employment law: we provide advice to employees and employers alike; key areas include breach of contract, unfair dismissal, minimum wage, working regulations (hours, health and safety), disciplinary and grievance procedures, discrimination;
  • Immigration: foreign nationals can reach out to our solicitors to find out what type of visa they need to apply for or to receive information on the procedures they need to follow once they have arrived in the country; we can also help families interested in reuniting with a member who is already lawfully living in Barking;
  • Residential: we advise tenants as well as landlords and are able to provide assistance when signing or when drafting rental agreements as well as prior to signing the final sale/purchase agreement;
  • Family Law: our solicitors specialize in matters concerning divorce, the distribution of assets, child custody, adoption, cohabitation, injunction court orders (for victims of abuse) and others;
  • Personal injury: our solicitors can help you submit a personal injury claim in situations such as motorcycle accidents, slip and trips, construction industry accidents, work accidents, dog bite compensations and in other cases;
  • Litigation: our team can help represent clients, assist in negotiations and, if necessary, take your case to the Court suitable for the particular type of claim.

If you are interested in knowing more about these services, please reach out to us for more details. We can also give you information on whether or not you can qualify for legal aid, based on the severity of your case.

Our solicitors in Barking are also able to provide timely advice for the Brexit transition. To make sure that you are ready, reach out to us if you live in Barking to find out how and in what way your family or personal circumstances may be impacted.

Do you run a business in Barking? Our team can help you whether you own a small shop, have an online business, have your virtual office in Barking or need legal aid and representation for legal disputes involving employment. We can also advise on tax matters and assist new entrepreneurs throughout the phases required to start a business in this London area.

According to the London authorities, Barking and Dagenham merged into a single borough in 1965. Other data about the region is listed below by our solicitors in Barking:

  • Population: according to data gathered for the year 2018, the total population in this borough was 213,000;
  • New homes: 596 new homes were built in Barking and Dagenham between April 2017 and March 2018;
  • Companies: in 2017 there were 7.980 active businesses in this London borough;
  • Transit: the Barking and Dagenham’s railway stations were transited by 47 million passengers.

Another notable fact is that this was one of six London boroughs to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.

At our office in Barking, we believe in providing our clients with tailored services. We make sure that our solutions are suitable and that our clients reach the best possible outcome.

If you live in the Barking and Dagenham area or are interested in starting a business or wish to sign a real estate lease/purchase agreement and need legal aid, please contact our solicitors in Barking. We can sort any legal issue for you.