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Solicitors in Brixton

Solicitors in Brixton

We are a team of solicitors in Brixton who provide professional services to natural and legal clients, both residents and foreign. We offer support in many areas such as Family Law, property, immigration, or employment. Read below to find out more about the types of services we provide and schedule an initial meeting with one of our lawyers to receive a personalized case evaluation.

Do you provide divorce services?

Yes. Part of our team of solicitors in Brixton specialises in Family Law, and a large portion of our activity is focused on helping clients who are going through a divorce.

  • Apply for a divorce: we can help you check if you can get divorced (you need to have been married for over a year) and commence the process;
  • Child maintenance: making financial arrangements for the children is often a source of dispute between the former spouses; our solicitors can help you negotiate;
  • Child custody: your divorce will have an impact on the life of your children and, in most cases, will involve decisions that will focus on allowing them to maintain stability in their lives; custody is awarded according to the child’s best interests and our team can help you;
  • Others: we can help you with property division matters as well as the application for a “decree nisi” (when the other spouse does not defend the divorce petition).

Apart from the services we offer for divorce matters, we also assist couples who are interested in signing pre-nuptial agreements, those who need information about cohabitation as well as those who are interested in wills and probate services.

Can you help me if I wish to immigrate to the UK?

Moving to a new country is an important life decision. Especially following Brexit, the conditions for immigration have changed in Great Britain and working with our team of solicitors in Brixton will help you better understand what requirements are in place in your particular case.

We know that you may have different reasons to wish to remain in the UK, such as employment or family reunification. If this is the case, you will need to be able to continue your lawful stay after January 1, 2021, and this means that you will need a special type of permission, such as a settled or pre-settled status. Our team of solicitors can help you apply for a permit under the EU Settlement Scheme in certain special conditions (for example, for joining a family member, as the deadline for application was by 30 June 2021).

Can your solicitors in Brixton assist me with employment issues?

Our specialist solicitors can help you if you believe you were subject to unfair dismissal, workplace harassment or if you suspect that your rights, as defined by the Labour Law, are not observed. We also offer legal assistance and information in cases related to breach of contract or whistleblowing. We can help you understand your benefits as well as check issues related to state pension, according to the current rules set forth by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Can you help me if I have a company in Brixton?

Yes. A special division of our team offers services for companies in the Brixton area, irrespective of size or industry. Our employment legal services also extend to the employer, and we can also help businesses comply with the rules in force if they wish to hire foreign nationals.

We can also assist companies in litigation matters, in settling various types of issues, sorting contract disputes, shareholder disputes and many more. If you have a company based in Brixton, you can easily reach out to us to find out how our solicitors can represent you.

Apart from the services briefly listed above, we also offer legal support and assistance in matters concerning the following:

  • Personal injury: when you were injured by another party, you can be entitled to compensation according to the severity of the injury and how it affected your life;
  • Medical negligence: making a medical negligence claim allows the victim to receive compensation for an injury or an illness that occurred as a result of the negligent acts of a treating physician;
  • Property: our solicitors in Brixton assist clients who wish to buy or sell property as well as those who are faced with land disputes.

Brixton is a district located in South London, in the Borough of Lambeth. According to data from 2016 released by the Lambeth Council, Brixton Hill  had one of the largest populations:

  • 16,600 people;
  • 20% of households are of working-age people;
  • approximately 33% of the real estate was owner-occupied;
  • approximately three-quarters of the households are flats.

Brixton Hill has a high employment rate, and the ward is known for its markets and multicultural communities. Residents report a high rate of health and mental wellbeing and they believe that the neighbourhood has improved in the last years.

Our solicitors in Brixton are here to provide assistance and legal support in a wide range of personal and business matters. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.