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Solicitors in Ilford

Solicitors in Ilford

Located in East London, Ilford is a main commercial and retail centre for the southeast region of Greater London.  Extensive residential development and affordable housing prices (as compared to other boroughs in Greater London) along with access to parks, options for primary and secondary education and good links to central London are some of the reasons why people prefer to live in this area.

Our team of solicitors in Ilford is here to assist you if you have any issues concerning commercial property, family law, employment as well as civil litigation. If you live in Ilford or in the immediate vicinity, you can reach out as convenient to our solicitors and we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

What are the services provided by our team in Ilford?

Our solicitors in Ilford specialize in a number of key legal fields, meaning that we can provide professional and qualified assistance in many matters, starting with but not limited to employment or family law.

We work diligently to ensure that our clients in Ilford benefit from efficient and affordable legal services. We offer expert advice in matters that relate to the following:

  • Civil litigation: we are here to provide legal counsel and representation in disputes that may arise concerning small claims as well as large ones;
  • Employment law: are you looking for information on your legal rights as an employee and/or how agreements should be concluded or terminated? our solicitors are here to answer your questions; we also provide information to foreign employees and those looking to clarify their status after Brexit;
  • Family law: we offer adequate services in case of divorce, financial settlements, child custody, adoption, wills and probate;
  • Property: legal assistance in matters concerning commercial and residential property law; with our help any property transaction can be completed as clearly as possible;
  • Personal injury and medical negligence: we assist clients who were involved in an accident and are looking for rightful compensation as well as those who have been the subject of medical negligence.

Our team also provides services related to immigration and we invite you to reach out to us if you have just moved to England in Ilford and are in need of additional information on how to proceed further.

Please keep in mind that you can contact our solicitors in Ilford for more information about these particular services as well as others that are provided by our team.

When should you contact our team?

You can reach out to us as soon as you discover that you are in need of legal services or perhaps legal representation or, just as well, when you are in need of professional legal advice.

Our solicitors in Ilford are ready to help you before you start any legal proceedings and also during or after you have finished a particular issue. We have extensive experience in working with nationals and foreigners alike and we understand that each solicitation has its own background and each case is unique.

Irrespective of your legal issue, should you choose to contact us as soon as possible, our team will be there alongside you each step of the way. Whether it is concerning the preparation of documents, negotiation with other parties, legal representation in Court, or simple legal advice, we are prepared to answer any inquiry and solve your legal issue.

Our solicitors in Ilford have a transparent pricing policy and you can reach out to us for complete details if you are interested in our services.

We are qualified professionals with relevant years’ worth of experience in particular legal fields and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Accordingly, we are part of the population of solicitors in England that includes:

  • all solicitors on the roll: in June 2020 this amounted to 202,265 individuals, slightly more than in June 2019 when the total number of solicitors on roll was 195,660;
  • practising solicitors: we are part of the 149,621 practising solicitors in June 2020, a number that has increased compared to the same month the previous year, 146,418;
  • registered European lawyers: there were 781 such lawyers in June 2020 and 793 in January 2020;
  • registered foreign lawyers: 2,758 lawyers in June 2020, 2,572 in January and 2,568 in June 2019.

Solicitors, registered lawyers, as well as solicitors field and other non-lawyer managers, are regulated by the SRA.

Are you in need of legal services in Ilford or in close prolixity in East London? Contact our solicitors in Ilford for more information on how we can assist you.