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Divorce Lawyers in London

Divorce Lawyers in London

When your marriage has broken down irretrievably, getting a divorce is a solution that will allow both of you to move forward separately and content that all of the legal aspects of your former union have been resolved. Our team includes a number of divorce solicitors in London who specialize in this process and are able to guide you each step of the way.

We understand that this can be a troubling time and, depending on your family situation, it will also be a time of great changes for the children. Our team is here to answer your legal questions and help you transit through this change.

What are the grounds for divorce in the United Kingdom?

There are many reasons why a marriage ends and while some couples choose divorce as their first option, one should also know that separation may be more convenient, especially when the spouses are not ready to sever all ties.

Our divorce lawyers in London list the main grounds for divorce below:

  1. Unreasonable behaviour: illegal behaviour, drug or alcohol addiction, abuse and other forms of behaviour;
  2. Desertion: one spouse can cite this grounds for divorce if the other has left without good reason;
  3. Adultery: when one or both parties have had a sexual relationship outside of the marriage; a time limit of six months after disclosure applies in this situation if adultery is to be used as grounds for divorce;
  4. Living apart for a certain period: included here are the situations in which the spouses have been living apart for more than 3 or more than 5 years; these two scenarios do not require the consent of the other spouse; adequate proof is required in this case.

Our team can help you with additional information on any of the situations presented above. One should note that you can only apply for divorce in England or Wales when you have been married for more than a year, the union is legally recognised in the UK and you or your spouse have your permanent home here. Another condition for divorce is for the relationship to be permanently broken down.

How can a team of divorce lawyers in London help you?

Working with our lawyers is effective and advisable in all cases, irrespective of whether or not you have children and the value of the assets that were acquired during the marriage.

Matrimonial assets are usually divided in a 50/50 manner, however, this will not apply in all cases and our divorce solicitors in London will make sure that the distribution is equitable in your case. It is possible for one of the former spouses to receive a larger share, depending on his or her situation. Likewise,  the situation for the housing after separation can be discussed and a lawyer from our team will help you resolve any financial issues that may come along.

We can help you with the UK divorce procedure as well as international divorce and our team can also handle financial and children’s’ issues.

Is it mandatory to work with a lawyer? Will it help with the process?

Choosing to work with a lawyer should not be perceived as a hostile act, as a declaration that you are willing to enlist specialized services to gain as much as possible from the final proceedings and the negotiation for the distribution of assets. While working with an attorney is not mandatory, it is recommended as one of our divorce lawyers in London will simply clarify the process for you. Moreover, our attorney will be able to handle some of the steps and the necessary submission in your name.

In addition to this, when delicate matters such as child custody are involved, an objective third party like our attorney, who is well aware of the Family Law provisions, will be able to make and present your case in a manner that will take into consideration the best interest of the children.

According to statistics, almost half of all marriages in England and Wales ended up in divorce in 2017. Data from the Office for National Statistics, presented below by our divorce lawyers in London, shows us that:

  • there have been 90,871 divorces of opposite-sex couples in 2018, a 10.6% decrease from 2017;
  • the average marriage duration in 2018 was 12.5 years;
  • there were 428 same-sex couples divorces in 2018; and
  • unreasonable behaviour was the most common reason for divorce amongst heterosexual couples.

Current economic strains and the changing dynamic in work arrangements (with an increase in the work from home or remote work model) have brought along new challenges for relationships. Couples who believe that their union is beyond repair can seek adequate counsel from our divorce solicitors in London.

Our lawyers are here to help answer your questions and provide ongoing support and assistance during the divorce process. Contact us for more details.