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Solicitors in Lewisham

Solicitors in Lewisham

People and business owners who live in one of the constituent wards can reach out to our team of solicitors in Lewisham for complete legal services for personal or commercial matters. We have a team that specialises in many areas of law and we deliver expert-level advice as well as assistance in court, as needed. From complex business issues involving agreements or other matters to driving offences, our team is ready to answer your questions.

We are committed to providing completely tailored services to both our private and our business clients. Please read below more about the services we provide in both of these categories. To receive a quotation or initial information about your case, please reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation.

What are the main services offered by our solicitors in Lewisham?

 We have worked with many private clients and have helped them navigate issues related to employment, immigration or many family law matters. Some of the services we are committed to provide include the following:

  1. Family and divorce: we help represent our clients who are going through a divorce, those who wish to settle child maintenance issues as well as victims of abuse; reach out to find out more about our complete Family Law services;
  2. Crime: our criminal law solicitors are ready to help you; drink or drug driving are among the issues most frequently encountered by our team, nonetheless, we can help you in any issues related to criminal law;
  3. Personal Injury: have you been injured by another individual or while on public property? our team of solicitors in Lewisham can help you submit an injury claim and receive compensations for your injuries; we also provide assistance for medical negligence claims;
  4. Immigration: we offer complete assistance to foreign nationals and their families who wish to enter the UK; specialist legal advice is more needed than even in light of the new laws after the Brexit;
  5. Others: we also provide conveyancing services as well as legal advice and services related to wills and probate.

How can our solicitors in Lewisham help you?

You can reach out to us as soon as you encounter a legal issue or need answers regarding a possible legal matter or conviction. Getting timely assistance is important in many cases, for example for those who have been found guilty of drink drive in the UK.

Expert legal assistance is also important in Family Law issues, particularly in difficult matters concerning domestic violence or the protection of children.

The Borough of Lewisham is located in South London, bordered by the Royal Borough of Greenwich on its east side and the Borough of Bromley on its south. The borough includes 18 wards, out of which we mention Blackheath, Brockley, Catford, Downham, Forest Hill, Lewisham Central, New Cross as well as others.

According to the London Government Directory, 3.41% of the population in London lived in Lewisham (as per data made available mid-2018). Other demographical data from the same source is listed below by our solicitors in Lewisham:

  • Population: 303,536 people, as per data made available in mid-2018;
  • Registered businesses: 10,970, as per the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR); out of these, 90.57% (9,935 businesses) were micro-businesses;
  • Schools: 2 free primary schools or academies and 3 free secondary schools or academies;
  • Open space: 22.10% of the total land area.

How can we help your business?

A special division in our team focuses on commercial and business law and is ready to help answer any question on starting a business in Lewisham, managing an existing one, or dealing with legal issues. Our litigators can help represent you in court in many different situations, if your company is accused of business crime, fraud, in different shareholder or director disputes, or contract law disputes as well as in many other cases.

The Lewisham Council demands that businesses apply for special licenses; examples include those for food establishments, street trading, selling alcohol, and many others; our solicitors in Lewisham can help you apply for these.

Some of our business services include the following:

  • Commercial litigation and dispute resolution (including mediation and arbitration): our solicitors can help you solve any business dispute in an effective manner;
  • Employment issues: hiring and dismissing employees as well as hiring foreign workers for your business in the UK;
  • Real estate: property purchase and investments in the UK, as well as assistance in real estate disputes;
  • Others: services related to business crime and fraud, banking and finance, tax law, intellectual property matters.

We can help you sort any private or business legal matter. Contact our solicitors in Lewisham for more information about our services.