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Conveyancing Solicitors in London

Conveyancing Solicitors in London

Our conveyancing solicitors offer complete services to those who are interested in buying or selling a property in The United Kingdom. The role of the conveyancer is to provide the much needed legal advice at the time of the sale or purchase of the property as well as assist the individual each step of the way, including with the drawing up of documents.

Working with a conveyancing solicitor in London is recommended when you are interested in real estate transactions, in both commercial and residential matters.

Our lawyers in UK offer personalized services to those who are interested in property transactions. Our team specializes in many areas of law and our conveyors are well taught in the Property Law. While both solicitors and conveyancers in the UK are regulated and licensed, not all conveyancers have a full legal background, like the ones in our team.

We have worked with many clients, both nationals and foreigners who were involved in the process of acquiring or selling property throughout the United Kingdom and we are able to provide legal services according to your particular property transaction.

How can our conveyancing solicitors in London help you?

Buying a property is an important step and having the right legal aid can prove tremendously helpful. In the same manner, commercial property acquisitions can be significant to companies and in both cases, both for personal and for commercial use, the parties to a property transaction can benefit from requesting the services offered by a conveyancing solicitor in London.

Below, we list some of the main services provided by our team of experts:

  • Legal advice: our lawyer in England is able to provide complete legal assistance on the current regulations, the rights of the buyer and the seller and other relevant advice;
  • Document draw up: our conveyancers help you draw up the documents that are part of any real estate transaction; these include the sale/purchase contract as well as any title searches that may be needed;
  • Commercial transactions: our conveyancing solicitors in London can help clients who are interested in making commercial purchases as well as those who wish to sale commercial property;
  • Auctions: we can help our clients who are interested in buying or selling property at an auction in the UK;
  • Others: we provide assistance with lease extensions, remortgages, transfers of equity and other issues.

Our team understands the importance of real estate transactions. We are here to provide all of the services listed above and others that may be related to property purchases in the United Kingdom. Should you need more details, please reach out to our lawyer in UK.

Those who provide conveyancing services in England and Wales are registered with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

When should you contact a conveyancer?

You should reach out to a conveyancing solicitor in London as soon as you have decided to purchase a property. Our solicitors are ready to assist you from the earliest stages and, in most cases, seeking specialist conveyancing solutions is recommended from the very beginning of the transaction. This way, a lawyer or conveyancer can handle the process from its initial stages, he can recommend a property due diligence and will be able to draw up any needed documents.

If you choose to work with our conveyancing solicitors in London you will be introduced to a team that offers personalized services and you will receive constant information on the evolution of your transaction in a transparent manner. Moreover, we will be sure to provide any needed legal advice prior to the commencement of the procedure as well as afterward, as needed.

What are the main laws regulating property transfers in the UK?

The main legal sources for Property Law in the United Kingdom are the Law of Property Act 1925, the Trusts of land and Appointment of Trustees Act, the Land Registration Act and other pieces of legislation that amend or bring miscellaneous provisions to these Acts.

Our lawyer in London can help you with complete information on the Commercial Property Law as well as the Personal Property Law. Our team can answer any questions pertaining to these subjects before you commence a property sale or purchase transaction.

We offer services to corporate and individuals and we are accustomed to assisting foreign investors or entrepreneurs who are interested in purchasing a property in the United Kingdom.

According to Zoopla, a leading property website and app for the United Kingdom, the average property prices in London have decreased in July 2020. We list some of the available numbers below:

  • the average price for London property was £595,443 in July 2020;
  • this price recorded a fall of 5,62% since April 2020 and an 11.73% fall since July 2019;
  • the average price for a flat in London was £482,968 and that for terraced houses of £641,158, according to Zoopla estimates.

If you would like to know more about buying a property in London or in another location in England, as well as more details about our conveyancing services, please contact our lawyer in UK.