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Solicitors in West London

Solicitors in West London

West London is located north of the River Thames and is a popular area, with a vibrant culture and a number of charming neighbourhoods. Areas include Covent Garden, Hyde Park, Marylebone, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly, Regent’s Park, Soho, South Kensington, White City, Notting Hill or Westminster. West London benefits from excellent connectivity, a feature that serves well for the many businesses of various sizes based in the aforementioned areas.

By air, West London is served by Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest airports. It is well connected by and road and rail to the rest of England and by tube it is served by seven of the twelve London Underground lines.

Apart from being a thriving business centre, the area also offers attractive options for living and working as well as access to education, through the University of West London.

Working with a team of solicitors in West London, such as our specialists, can be useful to both entrepreneurs and employees or individuals living in this particular area. A team of experts can help those who are just moving in with real estate issues or can assist those who already have a business and need to settle a certain dispute.

Our firm offers practical advice and guidance and can assist clients in a number of key issues, such as litigation, immigration, family, commercial and residential property. We invite you to read more about our services and how we can help you if you have any issues that can benefit from our wide range of specialization.

Services offered by our solicitors in West London

Clients who choose to work with us benefit from a wide range of services that are tailored to individual needs. Our team offers support for corporate and individual clients in many areas of interest and provides unique solutions that take into account the goals of our clients, as well as the welfare of the children and family, where applicable.

We work to find simple solutions, ones that deliver the desired solutions with minimum costs and within a reasonable, if not a minimum amount of time.

Some of the services offered by our solicitors in West London are the following:

  • Litigation: legal services and assistance in court representation in many civil law areas of interest; we also offer alternative solutions such as mediation;
  • Employment: we provide legal advice and representation for employers in employees with many issues related to discrimination, employment contract termination, settlement agreements and many other cases;
  • Property: we support those who are interested in selling or purchasing a property, who wish to apply for mortgage or lease extension; our team of solicitors in West London specializes in commercial and residential property issues;
  • Immigration: we help those who need to apply for a skilled worker visa or an entrepreneur and investor visa; we also offer legal aid in case of visa refusals and appeals;
  • Family: divorce, custody, child maintenance settlement and a number of other issues concerning family and child law that may be of interest for residents of West London.

Our business team can help investors who are interested in starting a business in West London. Some of the most developed sectors in the area include business services, wholesale and retail or health services. Hospitality, food and drink as well as tech and transport/logistics are also areas that are appealing to investors and our team can provide complete details on the requirements in a particular business field.

Our team is supportive and sees that each case attains the most suitable result. You can reach out to us if you need additional details about the services offered for businesses and individuals by our solicitors in West London.

West London life and business

West London is dynamic, vibrant and well-connected. The business and entrepreneurial community is diverse and fairly young and there are plenty of opportunities to be explored by those who wish to start a business.

Some of the facts and figures for this particular area, and UK in general, are listed below by our team of solicitors in West London:

  • there are more than 700,000 people employed in this sub-region in London;
  • more than 45% of the workforce has Level 3 qualifications, meaning that they have a higher education diploma or advanced apprenticeship – this is higher than the national average;
  • 46% of the residents in West London are born outside of UK;
  • it is estimated that approximately 23% of the businesses in West London are less than 2 years old.

Contact our solicitors in West London if you live, work, or run a business in the area and need specialist advice from an experienced team of lawyers.