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Corporate Law Firm in London

Corporate Law Firm in London

We are one of the full-service corporate law firms in London that assists both local and foreign investors, locally in corporate businesses as well as subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies. We provide expert support and assistance from the earliest stages of company formation, throughout any business hurdles as well as for ending the business, when or if needed.

The lifecycle of a company is complex and so are its unique problems or issues, defined by the industry or global and local market changes.

Our solicitors have a tailored approach, and we focus on each of our clients’ objectives, business needs, and realities. No two companies are the same, even if they share the same business field, this is why our dedicated team prepares legal solutions that are both efficient and personalized.

Services offered by corporate law firms in London

We focus on delivering complete solutions. Some of our key services include the following:

  • Corporate law: we help business owners understand the most important issues concerning company law, the regulations surrounding corporate transactions or structuring as well as shareholder agreements, among others;
  • Commercial litigation: we assist clients with legal counsel and court representation in a wide range of commercial disputes; examples include shareholder and director disputes, debt recovery, commercial fraud, breach of contract, etc;
  • Tax: we are one of the corporate law firms in London with a focus on the tax regulations and we companies with comprehensive information on the current taxation regime, tax rates and the reporting and accounting laws they need to observe;
  • Agreements: our team assists those who are interested in drafting and/or signing different types of contracts; we review these documents when needed to ensure that our clients are not exposed to risks;
  • Employment Law: our employment solicitors help business owners observe the current regulations for hiring local and foreign employees, fair dismissal, staff transfers and many more.

We also provide legal services for insolvency and restructuring. Our team is able to help business owners who need to consider all of their options before they choose to close down the company. Moreover, we are also able to provide legal assistance to those in financial difficulty. We offer services related to debt restructuring, debt refinancing and can also discuss corporate restructuring strategies.  When needed, we offer legal counsel on the insolvency law and procedures.

Our solicitors also specialize in intellectual property, including offering assistance for registering trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office.

The business climate in London

According to data from the UK Government, private sector businesses are evenly distributed throughout the country. London and the South East of the country have much more businesses than other regions (based on the location of the head office as opposed to branch sites). In 2019, the statistics on the business population showed the following:

  • England had the highest number of private sector businesses – 5.2 million; it was followed by Scotland with 334,000 and Wales with 222,000 companies; Northern Ireland had 124,000 private sector businesses;
  • 1 million companies out of the total were in London alone; 940,000 were in South East England;
  • together, London and South England accounted for 35% of the total UK business population;
  • North England registered the lowest number of companies – 152,000.

With so many operating businesses, there is no surprize that the legal services sector is also a developed one, with many corporate law firms in London providing service. Our team distinguishes itself from other through dedication, attention to detail, and a focus on efficiency. Our goal is to provide quality legal services and at the same time disrupt the daily activity of the company as little as possible while the legal procedures unfold.

Reach out to us

If you need legal assistance with any of the issues listed above, or if you simply need to schedule a meeting to receive legal counsel, for simple or complex matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. As one of the corporate law firms in London, we are responsive and ready to meet the needs of our clients.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects concerning a business, and we are ready to assist you each step of the way, as your company starts, evolves, changes, and adapts to the dynamic business environment in London.

We have worked with local and foreign clients. Contact us if you need tailored legal advice offered by one of the corporate law firms in London.