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Solicitors in Woolwich

Solicitors in Woolwich

If you live or work in or near this part of London, our solicitors in Woolwich can offer expert legal advice and service near you. Our team has experience in multiple legal areas, among which Immigration and Employment Law, Family Law, civil litigation, housing matters, and many others. Part of our team can also help Woolwich residents sort any business related-issue, from opening a new company in this area or solving existing disputes, hiring employees or finding out more about intellectual property protection.

Family Law services offered by our solicitors in Woolwich

Our Family Law and divorce solicitors can help you if you are having issues related to separation or divorce, the division of assets as well as child maintenance issues.

Our range of services is a broad one, covering both pre-marriage issues such as prenuptial agreements as well as divorce and post-divorce matters. A special division of our team is also specialised in special matters concerning abuse. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, we urge you to reach out to our solicitors in Woolwich as soon as possible to receive proper legal aid.

Some of the services we offer related to Family Law are the following:

  1. Divorce: we offer complete assistance in divorce and separation cases; with our help, the process can be a streamlined one, that take into consideration every legal aspect;
  2. Child Law: whenever a former couple cannot solve disputes concerning the wellbeing of their children on their own, a solicitor can help resolve matters by taking into consideration what is best for the child;
  3. The separation of assets: dividing the assets after divorce is performed according to a number of rules, and it will take into consideration the level of income of each spouse after the separation, among other criteria; handling this matter with the help of an experienced team is advisable;
  4. Others: we also offer assistance for drafting and signing prenuptial agreements as well as proper legal advice for solving divorce and separation matters through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

If you live in Woolwich or in another area in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, you can reach out to our team of solicitors to find out more about our services. We treat each client with due care, and we know that each case is different, especially those that may relate to rather complex family law matters. You can trust that our solicitors in Woolwich will work to sort your legal issues. You can reach out at any time if you have questions.

Data from the Office for National Statistics as well as information from the Royal Borough of Greenwich indicate that Woolwich is an area that will continue to develop:

  • a new Crossrail station is being built at the Royal Arsenal which will connect Woolwich to Central London and Heathrow with 12 trains per hour;
  • Spray Street is being developed and it will include more than 650 new homes, offices, shops, restaurants, and other facilities;
  • the development of the Royal Arsenal site will continue until 2030 and, to date, 23 listed buildings have been renovated and more than 3,500 homes have been built.

Other services in Woolwich

Our team is also able to assist you with a number of other matters, such as:

  • Employment, including matters related to unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination;
  • Immigration, especially in the context of Brexit, applying for proper visas and residence permits, as needed;
  • Medical Negligence, assistance provided by our team of solicitors in Woolwich for those who have been subject to misdiagnosis or ill-treatment;
  • Conveyancing, reviewing and signing property sale/purchase agreements and many other issues related to property purchase in the UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. We can also give you details on how you can access legal aid (Government support for the cost of legal advice), if applicable in your case.

The legal services we provide for businesses in Woolwich include those related to company and commercial law, among which we can mention sorting contractual disputes, employment issues, handling banking and finance, setting up your company or applying for trademark registration. Our solicitors in Woolwich can give you more details about our corporate and commercial services.

Woolwich is located in southeast London, as part of the Borough of Greenwich. A charming district with a long frontage to the south bank of the Thames river, it is connected to the rest of London through the Docklands Lights Railway (DLR), busses, a ferry as well as national rail. The area maintains its distinctiveness through its cultural diversity and the remaining bits of history, among which several historic military buildings.

Please feel free to contact our solicitors in Woolwich if you need more details about our legal services.