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Solicitors in East Ham

Solicitors in East Ham

Are you located in the East Ham district or in proximity and need specialized legal services? Our solicitors in East Ham are ready to provide you with various services, from civil litigation, marriage and divorce as well as child maintenance and other Family Law issues, immigration, clinical negligence, employment and many others. East Ham is situated in the Newham Borough and it is a multi-cultural area where many foreign residents live and work. It offers some of the lowest housing prices in Zone 3 and it located eight miles from central London.

 Quick Facts  

– apply for divorce or separation,

– child matters (arrangements, maintenance),

– restraining orders and injunctions

Family law

– pre and post-nuptial agreements,

 – financial settlements,

– wills and probate,

– power of attorney,

– special services for private wealth planning from our solicitors in East Ham 

Civil litigation

– contractual disputes,

– property disputes,

– landlord/ tenant disputes,

– neighbour disputes,

– social services disputes

Drink drive

 – legal assistance for drink drive and/or other driving offences,

– appeals,

– mitigation,

– assistance for high risk offenders from our solicitors in East Ham

Individual employment in East Ham

– professional negligence disputes,

– unlawful dismissal,

– workplace discrimination,

– employment agreement issues


– buying or selling residential property,

– joint ownership,

– transfer of ownership,

-re-mortgaging or re-financing,

– rural property issues handled by our solicitors in East Ham


– UK visa applications and extensions,

– special work visa situations,

– residency,

– citizenship

Commercial litigation 

– contractual disputes,

– regulatory disputes,

– professional negligence,

– shareholder/partner disputes and more

Employment law for companies

– employment contracts,

– dismissals,

– settlement agreements,

– disciplinary grievances etc.

Company formation in East Ham

– company registration with the Companies House,

– drafting corporate documents,

– tax matters,

– assistance for international businesses

Insolvency & restructuring

– corporate restructuring,

– applying for a company voluntary arrangement,

– compulsory liquidation

Intellectual property

– trademark registration,

– patent, design, copyright registration,

– IP litigation,

– trademark revocation services etc. 

Commercial property

– legal services for real estate developers in East Ham,

– construction law legal advice,

– property management or disposal 

Debt recovery services

– amicable debt recovery,

– court debt recovery

International business services

– francize agreements,

– cross border merges and acquisitions,

– legal solutions for East Ham branches and subsidiaries 

The team of lawyers at our East Ham office can help you if you are in need of legal solutions for immigration-related matters as well as employment or perhaps need to solve childcare and family issues. We cover various areas of law and offer complete support and court representation as needed. Our solicitors in East Ham are also able to help entrepreneurs in this area if they need legal counsel on company and business law.

Our team works with each of our clients to find adequate solutions to individual problems. We offer legal services and aid to employees who have been wronged by their employer just as well as we are able to provide wills and probate services.

The initial consultation with our solicitors in East Ham is essential to determining the problem and begin working on a solution. We know that each family or individual story is different, and all most cases cannot be solved based on a “one size fits all solution”.

We offer tailored solutions in the following areas:

  1. Employment law: difficult situations can arise with an employer and if this is the case, it is advisable to seek legal counsel if you are unsure of your rights; likewise, you can reach out to us for a consultation before you sign an employment agreement, to make sure that you understand the legal implications;
  2. Immigration law: the United Kingdom offers attractive employment and business opportunities, however, the UK has left the EU and this can impact one’s situation; our solicitors in East Ham can help analyse your case and provide you with details on the steps that you need to follow for obtaining the right to stay and/or acquiring residency;
  3. Family law: our team is able to assist you in a variety of issues related to divorce and separation, child issues, adoption, the conditions for entering into a civil partnership or cohabitation, among others;
  4. Other services for individuals: we can help you with property and residential issues (purchasing property, residential evictions or tenancy agreements) as well as issues regarding inheritance and making wills.

You can always reach out to our solicitors for complete information about our services.

Commercial solicitors in East Ham

Businesses, especially smaller ones or start-ups can require specializes legal aid not only in their beginning but throughout their operation, given the current economic climate.

Along with the services we provide to individuals, we are also able to help business owners in East Ham who need legal guidance and support. Some of our business and legal services include the following:

  • Commercial litigation: our solicitors in East Ham specialize in dispute resolution and can help you with commercial litigation, professional negligence, banking and finance litigation;
  • Employment: the employees are essential for the success of a business; handling any issues that may arise regarding a particular employee or making sure that company complies with the health and safety principles is essential;
  • Restructuring: our team is also help you understand the principles of corporate restructuring in UK as well as the manner in which insolvency takes place;
  • Sector-specific services: we provide legal services according to your chosen business sector and can help you obtain any needed permits or licenses to run your business in East Ham.

Other services offered by our solicitors in East Ham include real estate services, banking and finance, tax and other matters. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in knowing more.

Our team complies with the regulations set forth by the English authorities, among which those of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). According to the SRA, which is a main regulator for solicitors and their firms, the current data was available for the years 2020-2019:

  • 202,265 solicitors were on the roll in June 2020 and out of these 149,621 were practising ones;
  • in March 2020 there were 148,284 practising solicitors;
  • in December 2019 their number was 146,092.

Do you want to work with our solicitors in East Ham? Contact us today to set up an appointment.