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Solicitors in Chingford

Solicitors in Chingford

We are a team of solicitors in Chingford who specialise in many areas of work. You can count on our experience and professionalism when you need to sort Family Law issues, as well as business matters, or when you wish to get compensation for an injury you sustained as the result of another’s negligence.

Read below to find out more about our services and how we can help you.

Family lawyers in Chingford

Our Family Law solicitors in Chingford cover a wide range of areas, among which:

  • Divorce and/or separation: we assist clients who are ready to apply for a divorce and need to take their case to court to sort the differences with their former husband or wife; we help them prepare for the court meeting and assist throughout the proceedings;
  • Child matters: making arrangements for children, including maintenance pay, custody and decisions regarding their education can be easier with the help of a solicitor who will be there to represent you and help you negotiate with your former partner;
  • Financial settlements: dividing  money and property is an important step in case of divorce or separation; with our help, you can reach a financial agreement with your former spouse;
  • Prenuptial agreements: for those who wish to agree on how their assets will be handled in case of divorce.

Our team also provides clients with property services, including conveyancing (for residential property) as well as assistance for commercial property.

Our wills and probate specialists help those who wish to prepare or review a will, need advice on asset protection, wish to register a power of attorney, or need grants of probate or letters of administration.

Personal injury solicitors in Chingford

Part of our team of solicitors specialises in personal injury claims. Our experts assist victims who wish to claim compensations for many types of accidents, and we also help those who wish to obtain compensation for severe injuries.

According to data presented by Transport for London, the number of fatalities during 2019 increased by 12%, compared to 2018. 125 people were killed in the 25,341 collisions reported in 2019. Other data shows the following:

  • 3,780 people were seriously injured;
  • 26,102 were slightly injured;
  • most of the people with severe and slight injuries were pedestrians: 1,282 with severe injuries and 4,312 with slight injuries;
  • the following category of victims with severe and slight injuries was motorcyclists: 988 with severe injuries and 4,372 with slight injuries;
  • 577 car occupants were severely injured on London’s roads in 2019 and 10,883 sustained slight injuries in 2019.

If you were involved in a car or motorcycle accident, or if you were injured while walking, you can claim compensation with the help of our solicitors in Chingford. We can help you in the following cases:

  • Road accidents: car accident, car passenger accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, hit and run or public transport accident;
  • Work accidents: construction site accidents, factory, machinery accidents and also office accidents;
  • Medical negligence: hospital negligence, birth injuries, misdiagnosis, general practitioner negligence or care home negligence;
  • Others: slip and fall accidents, dog bite injuries, bar injuries, food poisoning or hotel injuries.

Getting legal assistance as soon as possible is a key step for injuries. In the UK, most personal injury claims for an accident have a statute of limitations of 3 years following the date of the accident. If you do not act within this timeframe, you will not be able to get compensation.

Solutions for businesses

Part of our team also specialises in business law. We provide business advice for start-ups, foreign entrepreneurs, small, medium and large companies. You can reach out to our solicitors in Chingford if you plan on opening a business, have questions about Company Law, wish to know more about franchising, accounting and tax requirements. We also assist entrepreneurs who wish to apply for special permits and licenses for their businesses. Our solicitors can represent you in court in cases concerning contract law disputes, intellectual property disputes and more. Depending on the complexity of the case, we also work with experienced barristers.

Chingford is part of the London Borough of Waltham Forest. If you live in or near this area, our team can assist you with family, property, business advice and general litigation services. Contact our solicitors in Chingford for more details.