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Solicitors in Whitechapel

Solicitors in Whitechapel

We are a team of solicitors in Whitechapel with extensive experience in all areas of law. We assist clients who are interested in sorting family matters, such as wills, child custody, or the division of property after divorce, and we also help businesses facing various types of difficulties, from employment or intellectual property disputes to matters concerning contract law or shareholder disputes.

A lawyer in London from our team is ready to answer your questions and schedule the first appointment. Read below to find out more about our services.

Family Law solicitors in Whitechapel

We know that Family Law matters can be complex and are often troublesome for individuals. This is why our team works efficiently to sort your issues while you can focus on solving the out-of-court aspects that come with divorce or with other types of family disputes.

Our London UK lawyers specializing in family and matrimonial issues are the ones who are able to help you if you have questions about the divorce proceedings or are in need of legal representation during divorce. We can help you with:

  • Legal representation and advice throughout the divorce proceedings;
  • Financial orders after divorce;
  • Custody disagreements;
  • Child maintenance issues;
  • Separation agreements;
  • Disputes between unmarried parents.

In the UK, the number of divorces remains a stable one. The following data presented by our lawyers was made available by the Office for National Statistics for the year 2019:

  • 107,599 opposite-sex couples divorces were registered; an 18% increase compared to 2018;
  • 822 divorces among same-sex couples were also recorded in 2019;
  • the most common reason for divorce was unreasonable behaviour, with 49% of the wives in opposite-sex couples petitioning for divorce using this reason.

Our experts also provide services in Wimbledon, among other areas.

A large part of our services focuses on divorce and Family Law matters, however, we provide legal assistance for individual clients in a number of fields, such as:

  • Immigration: arriving in the UK and lawfully remaining here for employment or business purposes is a process that can be easier with the help of our team; we can help you if you wish to apply for the available types of visas or for citizenship;
  • Crime: our solicitors in Whitechapel cover a wide range or areas, from fraud, to domestic abuse, to drink driving or more serious crimes such as assault or other violent crime;
  • Personal injury: recovering compensation for the losses or injuries you’ve suffered as a result of someone else’s actions is possible with our help;
  • Conveyancing: are you ready to buy your first house? our team will help you throughout the process; alternatively, we also assist those who are involved in landlord/tenant disputes.

We also assist clients who are interested in probate, wills and tax planning services. Our team can help with drawing up a will or a power of attorney, just as well as with inheritance tax planning (for those who have questions about the taxes they need to pay depending on their circumstances). We also assist those who wish to challenge a will.

If you need additional information about any of these services, as well as to speak with one of our solicitors as soon as possible if you have an urgent issue, please contact us online or via the contact details provided on our page.

Business solicitors in Whitechapel

New and seasoned business owners can always benefit from experienced legal help. Our solicitors also specialize in corporate law, a very important branch of business law, and can assist you in many types of cases. You can contact us for:

  1. Litigation: we assist businesses involved in commercial disputes, customer disputes, debt recovery cases, breach of contract, shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence and many more;
  2. Company formation: our solicitors in Whitechapel are also able to assist entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate a company that will operate in this area in London;
  3. Employment: we assist businesses who wish to review employment agreements, need legal assistance concerning matters relating to Employment law, employment agreement termination or data protection problems;
  4. Commercial Conveyancing: business owners who wish to buy or sell property from another company can rely on our assistance.

If you own and run a business in Whitechapel and are simply in need of legal counsel, our team can answer your questions.

If you live or work in this vibrant district in East End, London, you can rely on our help. Contact our solicitors in Whitechapel if you need more details about our services, tailored for both individuals and companies.