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Law Firm in Central London

Law Firm in Central London

Our dedicated team of experts provides solutions for private and commercial clients. We are one of the law firms in Central London that offer services to suit the needs of small and large businesses alike as well as those who need legal assistance in handling family law issues. We listen attentively to the needs of our clients before coming up with a solution that will be both efficient as well as cost-friendly.

The services listed below are some of the most common provided by our law firm. You can always reach out to us if you need more details.

Law firms in Central London focused on corporate and business matters

The dynamic and fast-paced rhythm of a city such as London makes it mandatory for companies of all sizes to rely on a legal expert and partner. Therefore, most of our focus is towards the solutions we offer to entrepreneurs and their endeavours.

  •  Corporate and commercial: complete solutions for a wide range of commercial matters in all business sectors; we offer legal advice on insolvency issues, company mergers, contract law and many others;
  • Litigation: our team of experienced lawyers can provide solutions in a variety of legal disputes involving shareholder disputes, beneficiary claims, contract breaches or insurance claims as well as situations involving defective products;
  • Business formation: we help entrepreneurs who wish to open a company in London; we offer assistance during the pre-registration phase as well as once the company is registered with the Companies House;
  • Employment Law: companies looking to hire employees can reach out to us for drafting agreements, for lay-offs as well as other matters such as hiring foreign employees;
  • Licensing and others: we assist companies that wish to apply for special permits and licenses as well as those concerned with registering their trademark.

We are one of the law firms in Central London that can also help international companies expand to the UK and we also work with executives who need professional solutions for their company.

Please reach out to us for further information about our services and to schedule an appointment as needed.

 Services for individual clients in Central London

 Our team also provides complete legal services for individuals who are in need of legal support or court representation in divorce cases as well as in many other situations. Our attorneys know how disruptive legal proceedings can be on one’s personal life. The services tailored to our private client’s needs include the following:

  1. Divorce: we attentively cover all aspects related to divorce and separation, including but not limited to child maintenance and custody;
  2. Employment: we are one of the law firms in Central London that successfully guides highly skilled individuals when they wish to sign an employment contract with one of the companies activating in the City of London;
  3. Immigration: we offer legal advice for those who are planning on relocating to the UK;
  4. Others: residential conveyancing, tax issues, wills and probate and other solutions.

London in numbers

We are one of the law firms in Central London that covers regions such as the City of London, most of Westminster as well as well as parts of other boroughs in the sub-region of the central area.

The City of London has an important role as a global business hub, one that will continue after UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. A statistical briefing released in 2021 offers important information about the business and financial services as well as the employment environment:

  • 542,000 people are employed in the City of London according to a 2020 Business Register and Employment Survey – this covers 10% of Greater London’s employment;
  • 1 in 58 Great Britain workers are employed in the City;
  • 72% of the workers are employed in high-skilled jobs, compared to a lower percentage of 63% across the rest of London (and the national average of 49% in 2020);
  • 24,020 businesses were based in the City of London in 2019 and 99% of these were small and medium-sized enterprises, however, the remaining percentage was composed of very large companies;
  • 50% of the jobs in the City were provided by companies with more than 250 employees;
  • the financial services industry in the UK is an important contributor in terms of taxes, it covered 10.1% of the total tax contribution in 2020 (£76 bn).

If you have an SME based in central London, if you plan to open one or are simply in need of legal services for personal purposes, do not hesitate to contact us. We are one of the law firms in Central London that offer services both to companies and individuals and can cater to your legal needs.